Friday, April 3, 2009


I had my follow up appointment yesterday with the doc. First off, I normally wait almost 2 hours from my time of appointment til I actally see the doctor and this time it was only a 30 min wait! The office girls were joking that I was going to pass out because of the shock. In all reality, I almost did. I had already gathered up all the newsweeks in the office, since that is the only other magazine that they carry aside from Parents. Sorry, I just have no desire to read about parenting while sitting in an office with a roomful of pregnant ladies, old women with too much perfume on, and teenagers that look too young to have sex, but I know they are there to get on birth control. So, I was relieved when they called me early!
I get back to the room and went through the only painful examination I have ever underwent. I didn't realize how sore I was down there until he put the speculum in. Ouch! And I have an extremely high pain tolerance! But everything was quick and he said I am 100% healed and that everything down there looks "beautiful," yes beautiful is the word he used. It made me feel good! Haha!
He gave me an all clear to resume intercourse, but sorry Kevin, you are going to have to wait. And don't think he didn't come home expecting to get some. He seemed understanding, but bummed. He will get over it. He still has plenty of lotion left. Im so mean. But I refuse to lay there in pain as he pumps away. Knowing me, I would punch him in the face and it would cause a big ol' he can just suck it up for another week or so.
I only have to go back for "paps" once a year now. Im not really sure what they scrape, but whatever. Once I have 5 clean ones I will only have to go every 3 years! I am way excited about that. The doctor is confident that he has gotten everything, so I am feeling so much more relieved!


  1. Such WONDERFUL news! btw, I won't read the Parenting mags either, blech. I'm so glad you got a good report. You must have done everything right, great job and Congrats! Good luck putting your lady business back in business, eek!

  2. you are crackin me up. he can suck it up after what you've been through!! i'm glad to hear you got a good report!! have a great weekend!