Monday, April 6, 2009

Frustrating day

First off, it is is April 6th, yesterday it was 60* at 2pm. WTF!
Second, I am ready to scream out loud at work. When I left work back in FEB!!!, I left only 6 orders to be taken care of. Everything else was finished. One order, that I got the day before I left, was for a hospital bed repair. No one likes doing repairs because they are time consuming and require a lot of footwork. I had gotten the order from the doc, the parts that were needed listed, started to get documentation for the items, and the insurance process going. Do you think it is done? No.
I get a call this morning from the son asking about it (his poor mom is sleeping on a mattress stuffed full of towels.) I was shocked when he asked where we were with it. I asked my boss what was going on and of course she knew nothing and all my paperwork had disappeared. I do some investigating and find that my coworker who took over my jobs (who is in puerto rico because her grandmother died) gave it to the slowest, least follow thru worker we have. He had not touched it since march 2nd. I am pissed. I instantly lose it and ask him what the hell his problem is. Does he realize how bad the bed is? Did he not read my notes? He had not even ordered the items?! I would have done this before I left, but I was waiting for our inventory guy to build them in our system. So, I took the order back, called the son and grovelled and ordered the parts. I am beyond pissed. Did my boss have anything to say? Nope, just the usual..."well, you know how mark is..." I looked at her and said "this is bullshit." It makes me want to find another job. Why would I want to work my ass off for patients to have some other dumbass ruin our good name because he is lazy?! I seriously wanted to just jack him in the balls and when he finally starts to get up, do it again! I just picture this poor woman laying in a bed 23 hours a day that is falling apart and uncomfortable.
There are days that I hate my coworkers, today is one of them. What bothers me most is that he showed no concern, no remorse, couldn't even call the patient and apologize. Where is the integrity?! When I mess up, I say it and apologize repeatedly. OUR JOBS AFFECT A PERSONS HEALTH, AFFECTS IF A PERSON LIVES COMFORTABLY OR NOT WHEN THEY ARE ALREDY SHELLS OF THEMSELVES! WHAT IS SO HARD TO GET ABOUT THAT!

Thanks for listening


  1. it sounds like your boss has lost sight of the fact that you are dealing with PEOPLE"S NEEDS, not bedsprings.

    i would file a complaint. with the president of the company, with Fox News (do you guys have one of those segments on your local news? What's Bugging You, ours is called), with effing NEWSWEEK!!

  2. Wow, that really sucks. It's frustrating when you work your ass off, and someone else makes you look bad. And then no one does anything about it. That guy doesn't deserve to work there and you deserve a raise!!

    And, yes. This snow is PISSING ME OFF. seriously. I'm about to blog about it now.

  3. It's people like you that care enough to get things done and it's appreciated. I'm sure karma will take care of Mark, but thank you for taking your job seriously. I'll be thinking of that lady today. Hopefully, she'll have something good happen to her to make up for your co-worker's negligence.