Thursday, April 30, 2009

Honest Scrap, crap, pap, smack

Lizzi over at Life According to Lizzi bestowed the Honest Scrap award to me, which recognizes bloggers who write honestly and openly and encourages more straightforward and candid conversation by obliging recipients to list 10 honest things about his/her self.

Ten Honest things about myself:

1. I was recently asked to do the Relay for Life (which I do every year) but this year as a cancer survivor and I feel slightly guilty entering as that because I feel like I got off too easy with my chemo, no radiation, no hair loss...I lost my uterus and cervix and I am ok with that...

2. When I am at the gym, there is this guy that watches me lift, he immediatly turns away when I turn around, but I know he watches so I make sure that my workout follows closely to the areas he is working out in as well, because secretly it makes me feel powerful and sexy!

3. I cheated on my boyfriend in college...with his roommate. I still deny it to this day because he and I are still friends...but I am the dirty little skeleton in a future politician's closet and that is fun to me...

4. I sometimes think about my first love...ok, by sometimes, I mean a that frickin' normal? They say that your first love's addiction is stronger than the addictive qualities of crack...

5. My bra size is a 38DD and I love them...except when I want the super sexy, lacy, demi bra and Im wearing my not as sexy, full coverage, microfiber, no lace in sight bra

6. Im open minded, but very quick to judge...not so much judge, but I get a certain feeling about people and I am almost never best friend is finding that out now with her husband, which saddens me because she is hurting, but excites me because I know she can do better!

7. I know that I am not in a job where I use my full potential. I know I could have been a doctor. But I am ok with where I am at in life right now...I will take over my boss' boss' postition eventually...and I will do a damned good job...

8. Really good music makes me cry...or if the chords hit me just freaks some people out. I went to a musical at a church with my mom last year and she looked over and I was crying...she didn't know what to say...Pas de Deux by Tchaikovsky does it to me every time! (sp.)

9. I tutored writing, anatomy and physiology, kinesiology, pathology, and biology in college, yet I got tutored for my low level math...the irony

10. I have been arrested for domestic violence (don't worry the charges were dropped) It is a long story that some day I will tell you all...I think it is funny now...not so much then though

I am pretty sure that everyone has been nominated... but
I nominate Jen at It's a beautiful life

I have got to get me some more followers on here! Guess I better start reading and commenting more on other's friends, friends, friends blogs


  1. I cry at really beautiful music too. Mozart's Requiem always does it me. I still think about my college crush a lot. We were like two ships passing in the night (corny I know) so there isn't much to think about, but I always wonder about him and what he's up to. I know what you mean about being open-minded but quick to judge. Really, you just listen to your gut, which is usually right. But it is hard knowing something that someone else doesn't realize, like in the case of your friend.

  2. you aren't quick to judge, you are INTUITIVE!
    huge difference!

  3. I cry with certain music, too. Music is a very powerful thing, and on the right day, I can bawl my eyes out.

    I'm glad you did this! Love getting to know you better :)

  4. I love the "skeleton in the future politician's closet" part. I always have this fear (/fantasy) that someday I'll be famous and that all sorts of people will come out of the woodwork with dirt on me.

    If he ever makes it big, think of the money you could make selling out to People magazine!

  5. Thanks for sharing! I feel you on the full-coverage bra thing....I was super self-conscious about my beige, wide-strapped 34 DD bra showing under my racerback tank this weekend. Cute, sexy, lacy things simply don't hold these puppies up!