Tuesday, March 31, 2009

This is the famous "Ten Questions" as popularized by James Lipton on "Inside the Actor's Studio," originated by French television personality Bernard Pivot, after the Proust Questionnaire.

1. What is your favorite word? Poop, it always makes people laugh or smile when you use it in lieu of shit.

2. What is your least favorite word? nausea...cause it takes too much concentration to spell and it is an icky word

3. What turns you on? Im weird. I love bald heads and big muscles. But being silly and confident is also a turn on. Or when my husband kisses me just below the ear.

4. What turns you off? Beer smell. Let me clarify. I love beer. And I don't mind other people drinking it. But when you drink excessively and I'm stone cold sober, I find the beer stench oozing from your pores to be completely appalling. (im with brandy on this one!)

5. What sound do you love? Birds chirping on a spring morning, rain on a tin roof

6. What sound do you hate? rain coming through the roof, babies when they have that blood curdling cry/scream

7. What is your favorite curse word? Bitch, it is just fun to say

8. What profession other than yours would you like to attempt? A cheerleading coach (if they made money)

9. What profession would you not like to do? Brittany Spears' publicist, or George W. Bush's future case worker

10. If heaven exists, what would you like to hear God say when you arrive at the pearly gate? Welcome!

Honest Scrap

"The Honest Scrap award comes with a caveat or 2. Firstly you have to tell your readers 10 things about you they may not know, but that are true. Secondly you have to tag 10 people with the award."

This is much harder than I thought it would be! I tag all that read this!

1.) I look like a cute little innocent girl, but my favorite band is Nine Inch Nails and I have a tattoo of their cover art on my hip. I have seen them 4 times in concert...hopefully 5 here in the near future! That seems to suprise everyone for some reason, like Im supposed to love Brittany Spears or some crazy shit like that!

2.) One of my favorite things to do while I'm waiting for my water to heat up for a shower, is get naked and flex and pose in the mirror. My husband hates it, but I love it. I wish I could do a fitness competition and pretend to strike the poses they do for those! I'm such a dork!

3.) I love how skunks smell. Not the overbearing, you can taste it skunk, but that subtle yet distinctive smell you get about a mile before you actually see the dead animal on the road. I don't know why, but I like the smell. But I absolutely hate the smell of marijuana.

4.) I have never tried smoking anything. Cigarettes, the maryjane, crack. Nothing. I am proud to say I have never tried any drugs. One of the few things I try to always hold on to...I am friends though with people that were addicted to crack, meth, coke...you name it, they did it. They are clean now and I am so proud of them!

5.) I always wanted to be a boy growing up. I had all brothers, almost all male cousins, and mostly guy friends. I didn't understand why God punished me and made me a girl. I had C cup boobs by sixth grade and tried to hide them in a sports bra (or 2!) until I was almost a senior. The first time I wore a dress by choice was to my Freshman homecoming...when I got some attention from a boy I liked, I became more comfortable with my female self. I am still a tomboy at heart though!

6.) I love riding motorcycles! I had a 2001 Honda CBR600 F4I until it got stolen and wrecked. It is a sport bike and was great at the track where my husband raced it. It was always great to see a 1000cc bike pull up next to mine and watch it get smoked, then I would laugh when the guy with the already bruised ego watched me climb on my beautiful bike and ride away. I can't wait till I can afford another one! Nothing looks better on a bike than a chic!

7.) I coached cheerleading for 3 years at the junior high in Bellevue. I don't look like your typical cheerleader at all, but I cheered for seven years in school and was an all-american for 3 years. I loved coaching and hope that my job will allow me to coach again in the future. I felt more fullfilled as a cheer coach than anything else I have ever done.

8.) I had a crush on one of my dad's friends while growing up...he was only 14 years older than me...and I always wished that he would have asked me out when I turned 18...but he never did...sigh. No, I am not giving up the name of the guy...I still kinda crush on him! Haha!

9.) I did a radio show in college topless...to raise money for a charity for my boyfriends fraternity. There were only 2 other people in the room (one was my boyfriend, the other was his friend) and I did it more as a dare than anything. Basically, listeners called in and we did things that they asked for money for Relay for Life. I got them a hundered dollars for doing it for 20 min...my co-hosts were very pleased with the dare! At least I didn't have to chug the bottle of hot sauce!

10.) I have only gotten my hair professionally cut around 10 times in my entire life. My grandma was a beautician so I always got free hair cuts...now I have to pay for them and that sucks. It is hard for me to spend money on my hair, even though I love how I feel after a fresh hair cut...and I have never colored my hair (I don't count my run in with sun in back in the summer of '96.)

Whew, that was hard!


Sorry for the long delay in blogs. I live in BFE and it costs a small fortune to get the internet in the area where I live, and I refuse to wait in line behind pre-teens at the library to use the computer long enough to log on and then back off again.
My surgery went really well. It was all over very quickly and the pain wasn't horrible. I feared for no reason. I was off my pain meds by day 3 post op. My doctor is really impressed with my recovery and I am back at work 2 weeks earlier than expected. At my follow up the doc let me know how happy he was that we made the decision to treat this aggressively. The cancer had already gotten to my uterus. Now I get to go in for 3month physical exams so the doctor is going to become best friends with my female parts. Good times. It's better than the alternative though. Besides, every woman needs a good man in her life right?!
I found that daytime television sucks while I was off work: Tyra gets annoying and Maurry is just stupid...and what's with all the judge shows? I don't get it. I did re-establish my relationship with my son, my dog, bully. He loves me more than daddy now. (we are sick people and treat our dog like our son...it is a good thing we can't have children because we would say things to our child like, "Daddy doesn't love you as much as I do, he doesn't give you treats and take you for rides." We are messed up individuals.) He didn't tear up the house like I had forseen upon my return to work, which I was thankful for.
I started going to the gym again...my old, original gym from when I was 17. I'm excited and already feel better. I feel at home there and get to see my old lifting partners and an old boyfriend that gives me great motivation. I want to lose 40lbs. at least 20 by my little brother's graduation from basic training. I don't want to be the fat sister anymore...my brother lost weight, so can I, damn it! I just have to get cleared from the doc to start running...he thinks I am over-zealous, but I figure, I will know when I am doing too much, so I lift more than he has cleared me to and am back to shrugging 150lbs (I used to do 220) and benching 115 ( I used to do 145.) Squats are a different story, I am a weakling there, but did leg press 220...I was way impressed with myself, but squats are still at 60lbs. Oh well, one day I will be the lifting goddess that I used to be. I have my bikini sitting on my dresser for motivation. I only wore a bikini one summer, mainly because my mom made me feel fat most my life, when I had a kickass body. Glad I got over that one before college!
So, all in all, everything is well. I am actually better than I was before and now officially period free! Take that! Haha!