Wednesday, July 28, 2010

It's Me!

Im back!
I apologize for dropping off the face of the Earth for months. I have been super busy. Plus, my writing was becoming stagnant, like myself, and I needed a break.

Things have been crazy lately. Work is in shambles. Our part time girl hit the road back at the end of May which meant that I had to start my dreaded drive back and forth to Lorain everyday. Goodbye 15 min drive.

To make matters worse, by car took a dump at the same time that I got the news. It was like it knew that it would be expected to drive an hour each way every. single. day. It gave up. So, Im driving my Ranger. Which I love, but putting gas in it, not so much. 17 mile per gallon x54 miles one way = a lot of cash I don't have. I won a small battle though last Friday and will now be getting reimbursed for some of the gas that I am burning.

June was a busy month. I went to New York City, which was a lot of fun, but oh so tiring. Next time I go I will stay IN the city, not Jersey, and take a whole week to roam the city. Basically the three days that we spent there, I could have spent the whole time in the Met, so the 20 min that I was alotted did not give me enough time to even find where I wanted to go first. Disappointing. I saw no celebrities, but we had no major catastrophies either. The Bronx Zoo was pretty amazing. Hyenas are HUGE by the way. The Lion King made me have this false notion that they were the size of dogs...yeah, dogs that were mutated by a horrible nuclear accident. They scared the bejezus out of me. I almost got attacked by a condor as well, thank God for the giant fence, cause that bird wanted to eat me. I looked like a tasty drumstick to it apparently.
The zoo was a good choice for our last day, even though our feet were beyond killing us by this point.

July I got to spend a weekend with my Aunt and Uncle at their new place on Middle Bass Island in Lake Erie. It is a mere 15 min drive and hour ferry ride away, but I may as well have been transported to Bora Bora. It was the most relaxing weekend I have had since my honeymoon. Their home is beautiful. The bed was like sleeping on a cloud and I could have easily sat on their second story deck and stared at the lake for the rest of my life, or until I got hungry. We spent the weekend biking around the island, riding wave runners, laying out on the floating island, (and getting rescued from the water snakes,) riding in Uncle Don's Donzi, sipping wine, and relaxing in rocking chairs. The highlight of the trip was a cruise that we took that was a fund raiser for the island's firefighters. It took us around Middle Bass, Sugar Island, Rattlesnake Island, and Put-in-Bay during the most spectacular sunset. I loved it and fell in love with island life on Lake Erie. It is my dream to own a small shack there someday.

My husband and I are still on the hunt for new jobs. I send out resumes pretty often, but no one is hiring, so basically I am wasting expensive paper, but I am hoping that one of these times, someone will see that I am well qualified and want to hire me. Im hopeful.

Work on the house continues. Slowly but surely. We ripped some carpet out of the soon to be office over the weekend. Kevin found an I-beam at work and is going to see if we can purchase that from the company. If we can, we can get the supports rigged up in the basement and start finishing drywall and putting in flooring. We are stuck until we get that done. Hopefully it is sooner than later.

I will try to catch myself up on everyone's blogs. I hope I didn't miss anything toooo important. But Im back, and promise not to go away for that long again!