Monday, April 27, 2009

Neno's Award

Brandi, over at Live-laugh-love, gave me the kickass Neno's award! Thanks Brandi! Here's how it works!
Each person who receives the award is obliged to show thanks by posting the award on his/her blog, giving a shout out to the person who gave the award, pass it on, and to answer the following question: "Why do you love blogging?"

Why do I love blogging? It lets me get things out of my head and say anything I want to and I don't have to be apologetic for it. It gives me a sense of community with people I would not normally get to know and develop a friendship that would not have blossomed in my "real" world. It gives me ideas, closure, release, a sense of ownership, and sanity. It lets me be creative without pressure. It has been, by far, one of the best investments of time I have ever done for myself. I am so thankful to have met so many wonderful people in this little blogging world that inspire me and make me more proud of who I am.

And like Lora said over at Jakezilla, I do feel like the pretty, popular in 11th grade getting all the red carnations in homeroom. I only got pink ones from my

I nominate
Lora (even though she has already been nominated)
Brandi (even though she has already been nominated)

Each one of you have influenced me positively in some way. It has brought me closer to my wonderful sis-in-law Jen, and brought about new, budding friendships with Lora, Brandi, and Lizzi. They kept me sane when I was going through a really rough time in my life and make me feel great about myself (and not crazy) when Im seeing things differently than those around me. Not to mention they keep my wheels turning with their wonderful blogs...makes me feel like I am in college again...developing new friendships, learning new things about myself and how the world works, and being challenged everyday. Thank you to each and every one of you...


  1. Thanks, Haley! You're awesome!

  2. Thanks Haley! I LOVE your blog and I love you. Keep up the writing, it's so therapeutic isn't it? I love that I can say what I want and not feel like I'm being judged. It's truly pure heartfelt stuff out here in bloggerland and it's one of the best things I have done also. It's difficult to explain that to someone that they should write a blog . . . the word sounds boring, writing sounds tedious, etc. But the truth is it's a beautiful/ugly/scary/loving world out there and it's such a priveledge to see it through other people's experiences. Thanks again for the award. I'll be sure to post something tomorrow.

  3. thank you SO much!! You totally made my morning!

  4. Thanks!! Like Lora said...a great way to start my morning!