Friday, April 10, 2009


Today is going to be a good day. I can just feel it! Only a half day of work and I had a great workout yesterday. I did legs and pushed myself to the limit! It was great! I hurt this morning, but it is that really good hurt where you feel like you did something productive and your body is going to respond to it well. Have to say my anger helped a lot with my squats and leg presses...even my old boyfriend from the gym came up and commented that he always loved watching me squat because my form is awesome. I can't help it, proprioception is one thing God gave me. It made me feel good nonetheless.
I slept great and had a fun conversation with my BFF (yes, we call each other our BFF thanks to a radio jockey that called us that when she called in my birthday, its a running joke) on the way to work. We are going bowling tonight and I am excited to hang out with her. It has been too long! She moved about 40 min away and after having her 5 min away for the last 5 years, it sucks! I can't wait to get a 27 though...I suck at bowling but love it.
I also get to go pick up my dog's easter basket from the humane society after work. I am so excited to see it! i just hope I don't walk out with another cat too! Kevin would kick me out for sure! We have a two cat limit in my house, but I fall in love with the furry creatures way too easily! I will let you know what happens!
I am also going to a local shirt shop to get some t-shirts made for my little bro's graduation from boot camp. My BFF, Tiff', has two that just completed boot camp for the marines and one that is out to sea with the navy right now. She had really cool shirts made for both graduation ceremonies and I am going to go get some made for my mom, stepdad, Tanner, and I. I figure I can give them to them for their birthday, mother's day, and father's day. I am excited to design something up that is super cool and different from what everyone else has! My friend's shirts were kick ass and stood out from everyone else that had the shirts from the shop on base...I am sure I will get one of those too though.
I hope you all have a happy easter! I am excited to see my family and celebrate my cousin's 1st birthday! Have fun with your children, families, and friends this weekend and eat lots of eggs and become stink bombs!


  1. Happy Easter and have great weekend!

    We have a two cat limit in our house too. But it's hard resist their cuteness...

  2. Happy Friday! Happy Easter! Happy Weekend!

    I don't do cats (allergic) but we have a two dog limit in our house. Practical, but hard too.