Monday, April 27, 2009


It is gorgeous outside! Truly Fabulous! I love that it is warm and sunny and the birds chirping outside my window wake me up instead of my alarm clock. I love this weather. I love sleeping with the window open, curtains billowing out like in some romantic scene of a movie and sleeping with only a sheet. I know it won't last long, but while it is here, I am going to enjoy it.

We had a wonderful weekend. Kevin and I got to spend some actual time together on Friday night (even though he looked like a zombie, and he went to bed at 9pm.) It was still nice eating with someone other than my cats and dog and having a real conversation. It was like we were dating again! So funny!
Saturday I went walking with two of my best friends and then Tiff and I hung out after Beth took off to work. She and I havn't hung out, hung out in forever and it was great. She is one of my only friends that I feel truly at home with. She is having a rough time with her marriage and it was nice being able to give her a big hug and some thin mints....her face lit up when I handed her the tiny brown discs! Trying to hug someone through the phone just doesn't work. She and I lounged around, talked, cried, watched some bad tv and slumbered on the couches. I miss doing this with her all the time. Im glad we got to spend some time together.
Sunday was cleaning day and weeding day. My weeping cherries are finally starting to bud. I was worried that they had not survived the winter, but they are all green now. Thank God! Kevin did some yard work and sprayed the house for foe! They still manage to find their way to my line of vision. Then I scream, hollar for someone to come kill it and avoid that room like the plague until I absolutely have to go in it...Im a dork like that.
All in all though, it was a fantastic weekend. I hope this weekend is just as nice!

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  1. I hate spiders or anything creepy crawly. I feel like something's crawling on me for hours after I see one. Hate that feeling!

    I'm glad you got to spend some quality time with the hubby. Sounds like a great weekend!