Friday, October 30, 2009

While working at my second job last night, at my friend's little Italian restaurant, two girls that I cheered with came in. The first one to show up was Katherine. She was my stunt partner for 4 years. We had a love/hate relationship in high school but we were always able to put aside our differences to be the best stunt group on the squad. She and I are cool now and talk everytime we see each other. We ran into each other at 5 different 5k's this summer and really reconnected. It was nice seeing her.
The second one to show up was Katy. Katy was a childhood friend. Our parents were really good friends in high school and our moms wanted us to be as close as they were. We always got along until our Junior year in high school. One morning, picture day actually, I walk into the school building at the beginning of school and find all the varsity cheerleaders standing at my locker waiting for me. Katy instantly starts screaming at me and accusing me of telling her mom that she and her boyfriend were having sex. All the other girls jumped in and started saying really nasty things. I was instantly crushed, embarrassed, and hurt. It was the only time I ever cried at school. I didn't know what they were basing this assumption off of. I would never dare call someone's mother and divulge that information...not my place. All the girls were talking the previous day about their sex lives...I didn't have one. I chose to stay a virgin because I knew I wasn't going to end up with any of the boys I dated in high school. So I must have been the one who told because I was different and thought differently than my peers. I seethed all day long, hoping I would calm down before practice after school. The glares in the hallways and being snubbed the entire day by people that were supposed to be my "friends" just made me more angry. At practice, I stretched in the corner by myself. I ignored the group that sat and made rude comments about me. My skin was tough as nails through that practice. I participated, but ignored everyone until the end of practice. Then, as I gathered my gear together to leave, I looked at the group standing there and said: I am not the one who told your mother you were having sex. Don't you realize that you were blabbing it in front of all the cheerleaders...including the freshmen-where you sister is a cheerleader as well? I will not take the blame and I will no be treated the way I was today because you feel too guilty to be able to tell you mom your damned self. I am not coming back to practice and participating with a group of self-centered, hypocritical, group of girls that think they are more righteous than me. You can all kiss my ass.
And then I left. It was the first time I had ever stood up for myself and it felt liberating.
Katy showed up on my doorstep that night. She apologized and said that she found out that her sister had told her mom. Not me. I calmly looked at her as she apologized and told her that I could never erase the feeling that I had had that day. That her apology wouldn't make up for the fact that I heard all day long how much the cheerleaders now hated me. Even though I had done nothing wrong, it would take a long time before I felt like a part of that team again-I never really did. I didn't allow myself to. I didn't want to associate myself with them outside of practice, games, and functions anymore. That is the day that I found out just how mean girls can be.

Looking at her last night, I still had that same feeling. I can tell that she knew exactly what I was feeling. I know that I am the bigger person. I know that I am not based on shallowness and assumptions. Even though I was the one serving last night, I was truly the bigger person.

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Random Twelve

1. Candy corn: your thoughts?

Totally gross. Never liked it. Picture it in old ladies pockets all melted together...gross.

2. Briefly, what was the first conversation you ever had with your significant other?

We worked at East of Chicago together over a summer. The first conversation was actually about a 4 wheeler he was looking at buying. I gave him my opinion because my family rides-even though I had no clue about anything but what color I prefered-it gave me an in to talk to the guy that I thought was cute, other than, "DELIVERY UP!"

3. Could you ever become a vegetarian?

Kevin and I do when we are short on cash for groceries. But not by choice. I grew up in a house where we had 1/2 steer in our freezer at most times and we ate almost everthing that we hunted. I love a good rare steak...I once grossed out an entire table of Heidelberg football players with how rare I asked for my steak to be cooked. It was delish.

4. Have you ever dressed up your pet in a costume?

Bully partakes in our ugly sweater parties each year. He isn't a fan of wearing the sweater/sweatshirt/or vest that we find him, but he puts on a happy face when the other dogs get there clad in their garish attire.

5. Name something about childhood that you miss (like Clark Bars, Teaberry Gum, Malibu Barbi, Cracking fake eggs on people's head with your fist and "It's The Great Pumpkin" airing only once a year.

I miss children being able to be children. Being able to get muddy and dirty and it was ok. Being able to catch local viruses from your daycare-and parents bringing their children around other children with chicken pox so all the kids could "just get it done and over with." I will never miss watching a child being rubbed down with hand sanitizer because they played with the toys at the doctor's office. Being able to eat candy cigarettes and not having people make tastless comments about it. They were my favorite candy growing up and I have never even tried a real cigarette, but boy could I make the candy ones look fabulous as I "smoked" them. I miss trips to Alabama to see my great grandma, I miss weekends on the boat with my dad. I miss playing with my cousins and sleepovers.

6. Have you ever won a trophy? If not, what do you deserve a trophy for?

I have won multiple cheerleading trophies, most inspirational coach, the citizenship award in 6th grade, The Mackenzie leadership award in band, a creative writing one in 7th grade, and the Student Employee of the Year and Lemke English Honorary award at Heidelberg. I have my name on a lot of plaques.

7. When do you think is the appropriate time to begin playing Christmas music each year?

Only when putting up Christmas decorations.

8. What is your favorite board game?

Trivial Pursuit!

9. How do you feel about suprises (receiving, not giving?)

Depends on the type of suprise-if its a good one, ok. If its "Hey, so and so is going to be here in 10 min and you need to clean the house yet" not so much

10. Is it easy for you to say "I'm sorry?"

Usually, yes.

11. What is your favorite candle scent?

Lime Basil or cotton/clean laundry smell

12. October is traditionally "open house" time in public schools. If you had a literal open house in your home (like a reception) what light snacks would you serve visitors and what would you show them (as in art projects, graded papers) that would uniquely represent you?

I would serve preztels with rolo's melted on top (yummy,) a cheese tray of all my favorite cheeses...some good red wine, maybe a dessert wine-like Ice wine, and my friends awesome recipe for a cheese ball with crackers.
I would have all my scrapbooks out on display and right now, our house is pretty much our art project..."please enjoy the unfinished drywall, subfloor, and bare ceilings..."

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Good news

Had my lovely dr.'s appointment with my favorite boy-friend that is allowed to be all up in my vagina. It went suprisingly well. I had a dream last night that everything turned out great and I think it carried into my real life. I went in and had a perfect blood pressue, pulse, and resp. basically I was calm for once, even though I knew painful things were about to happen.
The doc comes in, we joke around for a while about his rounds at the health center and the bad dreams he has after a day spent there (yuck-the stories are gross!) and then get down to business. He puts the scope in and the solution to "light up" the bad areas. He starts doing a lot of the "hmmm, hm, huh, hmm." Im all like, "What's going on in there?" Basically, the only bad area that lit up was a very small spot in the corner of the vaginal cuff (aka, where my cervix used to be.) He said it was too small to really biopsy and that it didn't appear to be dangerous in appearance. He was able to just place some acid on it (which kinda made me hot and nauseaus) and call it good. He was pleasantly suprised that it was such a small area. Very pleased.
So, I am back to my 6 month pap regimen and the doc is pretty sure I shouldnt have any problems for a while...hopefully! I was estatic with this news. I was so excited I gave him a hug...and then my drape fell and I was standing there in a scrub top, socks, and that's it hugging my doc...awwwwwkward! He laughed though and told me he was happy that it turned out to be nothing.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Weekend update

I know it's been a while since I posted, but I have been slammed at work. By slammed I mean, unable to take bathroom breaks because my phone won't stop ringing, orders won't stop coming, and job responsibilities won't stop being piled on me.
One of our best workers left last week. She moved on to another career in the legal field. I am excited for her, but miss her sorely! Basically, I have been handed a majority of her work load...on top of everything else I do. I feel like I am drowning daily. Today, I said, "screw it, Im taking my lunch-plus some from the rest of last week that I missed." I already feel better.
I also feel better because the vice-president came down and talked with me this morning to go over one of my new job responsibilities. She basically told me that I was being handed them because management knew that I would do the job just as well as Jackie did, if not better. She then complimented me on what a good worker I was and let me know how much she appreciated me, because I made her job easier. Wow. That's a compliment. I totally look up to her. She is here nightly til nearly 8pm and is here before anyone else. She lobbies frequently in washington and is president of a lot of different nationally based health care groups. She is a strong woman who is good at her job, but makes sure to let those around her know when they are doing well. I appreciate this compliment more than any yearly eval where my boss tells me I am doing great. It just means more coming from the VP's mouth. Not because of her job title, but because I respect her so much.
Saturday was my nephew, Turner's, birthday party. He turns 2 today! Happy birthday Turner! He is getting so big and before we know it, he will be at that stage where he doesn't want to be around family. I can clearly say that his favorite toy was the GIANT tonka dump truck. My momo did good. Tanner and Jen didn't look as thrilled at Turner did. It was hilarious watching him chase Jerry through the house and smash into the couches (ie: peoples legs.) He seemed much more interested in his presents this year as well (until the tonka was opened, that is.) His mommy also did a great job of cooking a delicious dinner. I have made the salad she made 2 times since the party. I am in love with it!
Sunday, I cleaned the house, went grocery shopping, and made a kickass dinner. Im talking, pulled out all the stops. Placemats and wine glasses and the good silverwear and everything! We invited 2 of Kevin's guy friend over that don't have girlfriends and never get a good home cooked meal (and cheesy-mac doesn't count.) I made a roasted chicken that was stuffed with onion and garlic, sour cream mashed potatoes, steamed green beans, a magnificent salad, homemade buttermilk cheddar biscuits, and a homemade apple tart that was to die for! I had no food left at the end of the night, aside from some apple tart. There were 15 biscuits and all of them were gone. The boys could not get enough of them. The 2 guests had 3 helpings of the tart as well and I ended up sending them home with some for their breakfasts. They were so appreciative and you could tell they really enjoyed the dinner, just as I did. I love cooking for friends, but I don't get enough time to do it. I wish I had taken a picture of the table loaded down and beautifully decorated. Next time.

Friday, October 23, 2009


I had THE. WORST. DREAM. EVER. last night. I was becoming paralyzed from the waist down. It wasn't like I was in an accident and it was instant (not that that would make it any better) but it was a slow, torturous process where I lost more and more function, muscle tone, and feeling each day. By the end of my dream I was in a wheelchair. I remember looking down at my limp, skinny, shriveled legs, wondering why this happened and what I was supposed to do about it. To make matters worse, Kevin was cheating on my with a cute little blonde and I could do nothing about it because I couldn't get to where he was in my wheelchair. I was completely helpless, at the top of a staircase, trying to find a way down. Seconds before I woke up, I began the descent down the stairs, trying to tip backwards to keep from tipping forward and out of the chair. A good looking, athletic man (who gave me the wheelchair) grabbed the back of my chair and helped me down. Halfway down the stairs, I woke up.
I pray to God that I never lose function of any part of my body like that. It was enough torture in the dream and I am still creeped out by it now that I am awake and my legs are moving normally. Horrible. Absolutely horrible.

Thursday, October 22, 2009 my future

I have decided that this spring...maybe sooner, I will be starting an Urbanity blog just like Lora, Blackbelt, and MJ. It will be of Bellevue and the lovely little surrounding towns like Castalia, Clyde, Attica, Tiffin, and Sandusky (our BIG city.) It will show the beautiful side of these towns but also some of the craziness that you see-aka white trashy-type stuff. Because we all know just how funny 48 cars in your front yard looks. I am excited to show you my small little world and how wonderful and horrible it can be. More to come...

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Hoot, who, Hoot

My first owl purchase...
My second owl purchase... his name is Otie (pronounced O-T)

My cat that likes to mimic being an owl.
I have had an obsession with owls recently. I didn't realize I had an obsession until my husband pointed it out. If I see an owl figure, stamp, card, stuffed animal, necklas...I want it. I don't know why. I have always like owls. Ever since my step dad found a dead barn owl when I was little. I thought is was cute, even when it was dead. I have never seen an owl in person while it was alive, other than at animal demonstrations or zoos. They say it is bad luck to see an owl during the day. I hear them around my house all the time. Out in the woods. They are even more prevelant at my Momo and Papa's house. I remember listening to them as I would fall asleep as a child. They were comforting with their soft, muffled, "whooo's."
I don't know what this resurgance is about. But I am glad that the shops are accomodating to my tastes for once. Otie is really heavy. He is made out of carved stone and as soon as I saw him, I knew that I had to have him. The halloween owl, pudgy owl, as Kevin likes to call him, came from a local craft store that sells really cool things that are way out of my price range. I loved him when I saw him and was even more excited when it was inexpensive. His brother was beckoning to me as well, but I had to leave him at the shop.
I have an old owl necklas that was my grandma's from the late 60's. It is made out of sterling silver and jade. It is really pretty, but very large. I am not a large jewelry person, but I am contemplating putting him on a new chain that is less cumbersome so that I could wear him with a simple outfit. We shall see.
Still, isn't it strange that I suddenly feel the need to purchase owls to decorate my home?! Weird...

Monday, October 19, 2009

Tickle monster!
April loved the fur coat my aunt gave me. She was running around pretending to be a bear.
Attacking Uncle Pumpkin head

Emma loves bully...she wants a bully puppy...

Emma and April, Kevin and I's nieces, came and spent Sunday afternoon with us. We had a great time with them and I already miss them!
We started out by going to get pumpkins...of course, they pick the largest ones that they could find...except for my short, squat, round one. We went to the farm market that Kevin and I shop at to get them. The owner, Todd, absolutely loved the girls. He and his wife can't have children either, and they spoil the crap out of their niece and nephew as well. He gave them free old-timey candy and apples. He talked to them for a long time about how cool they are that they get to grow up on a dairy farm. They didn't find the same enthusiasm that Todd did, but one day they will realize how special they are....the fact that they probably work harder than most adults do and they are 7 and 8 years old, that they have seen a calf being birthed, that they know where milk really comes from, and that they get to do cool things that city kids just don't get to do. They appreciated the apples and the wax bottles filled with sugary-sweet goodness. Kevin earned his new nick-name at the pumpkin patch, Unlce Pumkin-head. He was cutting firewood, so we put his pumpkin in the front seat of the car with me so that he could be a part of the fun.
After picking out pumpkins I took the girls to lunch and then to go see "Where The Wild Things Are." It was a cute movie, but definitly more for adults than children. There were a lot of underlying themes. It was kind of sad too, but still very good. It was sad enough to make both girls start crying and by the end of the movie, they were both cuddled up on my lap, clinging to me for dear life. They seemed to really like the movie and talked non-stop about it all the way home.
When we got home, Kevin was back from cutting and he played around with the girls. They love to wrestle and lots of screaming, giggling, running, jumping, and more laughing ensued. It is funny, because April, the younger one, is just like Kevin. Adventerous, dare-devil, smart-mouthed, cuddly, and bull-headed. While Emma, is just like her mom. Calm, mature, loving, caring, more cautious, and the care-taker. It's like watching Kevin and Erinn all over again. It's quite funny. Kevin was pleased when I pointed out the similarities and we both agreed that April would be the trouble maker, handful when she got older. She will definitly test her parent's nerves.
We had a blast with them, but man do they wear you out! They go non-stop all day! Play, jump, piggy-back-ride, tickle, giggle, cuddle, hug, "swing-me!," hop, tackle, laugh, pony ride, cat chase, dog cuddle, "paint my nails," twirl, squeal. All day, non-stop. I miss them already.

Friday, October 16, 2009

What a week!

I am soooo ready for the weekend!
The transition to Sandusky went smoothly. For the most part. There are still a few glitches that we need to work out, but I am so much happier at my new location. I love the women that are in my area. They are laid back, have a sense of humor, and take everything in stride. Plus they get it when you are busy and just need to be left alone to hunker down and make it through your pile of crap.
I got some disappointing news at the OB/GYN's on wednesday. Pap came back abnormal....again. I get to start the whole biopsy rounds again, but there is hope that it could be nothing. Fun part was when my mom told my brother, who in turn told my father, who in turn told 2 of his close friends that I grew up with, that I was having surgery the 28th and starting chemo right away...still trying to figure out where she got that from. I think she just thrives on drama and wanted some attention thrown in her direction. Like I don't have enough stress to deal with...give me 45 calls where I have to calm down friends and family members. My dad called me and sounded pretty upset-was ready to take the day of my "surgery" off and any other time that I thought would be helpful. He laughed when I said I was having my "surgery" on my lunch break and going back to work afterwards. Thanks mom...I love drama!

Kevin and I get our nieces for the weekend. I am so excited about this. We are going to do girly night sleepover style painting our nails and playing with hair and makeup and of course, going to see "Where The Wild Things Are." So pumped!
I just have to make it through a half hour more here and then 4 hours at my other job tonight...the joys of multiple jobs-going from one to the other. Oh well, it pays the bills better than one job.
On a high note, Kevin has sold 22 cords of wood (4ft x 4ft x 8ft.) It is helping a lot with bills and him being laid off. Plus it gives him something to do during the day so he doesn't get depressed that he isn't working. Still waiting on the grant response, but I am hopeful.
Kevin came and took me to lunch today. It was a nice suprise. He had Bully with him. I wanted to take him back to work with me, but figured the boss would frown upon this. Don't think she would view it as "take your son to work day." Even though he is currently our son.
Kevin and I are going to start putting money back into a savings account and then eventually into CD's...just in case we decide that we do want to adopt in the future. If we decide not to, we have a good chunk of change to either do major renovation work on the house, pay off some major bills, or go on a kick-ass vacation. All in all, it is a good thing to do. Plus, if we do decide we want a child, we will have the means to do so.
Hope you all have a great weekend. I am hoping to!

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Anniversary night!

Yesterday ended up being a pretty great day. Work was calm and I got a lot done. Around 2pm, I was told the girls downstairs needed me. I walk downstairs and find a bouquet of roses from Kevin. All the girls were jealous and that made my day. It is only the 3rd time Kevin has ever gotten me flowers. In the spring he will pick me a couple tulips out of my tulip garden, but for him to go out and buy me flowers...that's a big deal. They are gracing my office and look stunning. Women walk by all day, swoop in, and take a wiff of their delicious smell. It makes me feel special.
I get home from work, get cleaned up, and Kevin takes us to dinner at Damon's. Thank God they have an ATM because Kevin forgot his wallet. This is true Kevin fashion-he doesn't do it on purpose, he just always assumes it is in his truck, when in reality it is in the back pocket of his work pants on the mudroom floor. This happened 5 years ago, before I had an ATM card and I got stuck sitting at the same restaurant, on a busy Friday night, for an hour by myself reading the newspaper and sipping coffee while he ran back to our home to get his hour, by myself, on a busy Friday night. I got multiple offers of people to take me home. Majorly embarrassing, but its a funny story we can tell now. The one waiter still remembers it. He was our waiter last night. He laughed. Our dinner was wonderful though. We both splurged on steaks and they were delicious. I love their salads and kevin loves their rolls. We love just sitting in the booth, looking out over the water, watching the sunset. The Damon's in Sandusky is right on the water, at Battery Park Marina, looking over the Sandusky Bay and Cedar Point. It is actually very pretty.
We sat and talked in the booth for a long time and reminisced about our wedding day and how much fun we had. We told stories about getting ready-he definitly had more fun shooting pumkins and drinking with the boys. We laughed about the dog running to my grandparent's house because he was afraid of the loud noises made by the guns. We laughed about his sister running off to go do shots of blackberry brandy with the boys and how the photographer was becoming distraut because she kept taking off. His sister is hilarious. We talked about the night of our wedding. How we had attempted to make love, but fell asleep instead. He crawled up on me, I gave him the look that said "really?" and he laughed and agreed and rolled over and fell asleep instead. We were both completely fine with that. It had been a long day, we were both drunk, and more than ready for nighty-night. We wished we were back in Cape Cod on our honeymoon. We talked about our favorite places there, Fairway Pizza, The Purple Feather, the beaches. The gay bar that we walked into in Provincetown and Kevin didn't realize it was a gay bar...even with the Macho Night poster on the door. It was an awesome bar though. I just happened to be the only girl there...and had to use the boys bathroom.
All in all, it was a wonderful evening. We capped off our dinner with cuddling on the couch with our pup. In my opinion, it was the perfect evening. Kevin did well.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009


Today is Kevin and I's 2 year wedding anniversary. Hard to believe. We have been together almost 10 years now. Time flies.

We've certainly had our share of up's and down's but have so far managed to come out ok. We have been through more in our 10 year relationship than most go through in a lifetime. We have survived things that have crushed others. It makes me feel thankful that we both try so hard, even though at times I feel like I am the only one trying. We fight for our love. We don't easily give up. We are both stubborn and sometimes, that is what saves our marriage. We have both evolved a lot over the years, both sacrificed dreams to create new ones. I think we are a great fit though. We get each other when other's don't. We both wish the other did things differently sometimes, but for the most part we are very happy with each other.

Kevin informed me that this year he is taking care of all the anniversary plans. This scares me a little. Kevin isn't the most romantic guy in the world...he doesn't see the point in flowers, he thinks jewelery is a waste of money, and doesn't get that sometimes a girl just wants to be pampered. Last year, I had our good friend, who owns a restaurant-and happened to be our best man-help me out. He has a private room in his restaurant and I recreated our wedding in that room. I had our centerpiece from the tables, some of the same decorations, and one of our favorite meals cooked for us. I even pulled out our miniature wedding cake from the freezer to thaw so that we could cut it again-it tasted horrible and we laughed as we both choked down the dry bits of cake in our mouth. It was romantic and cute and Kevin loved it. He said he felt like a dirt bag because he didn't do anything for it...not even a card. I know he cares though. (Im telling you, least romantic man on the planet-but he cares and he shows it in little ways, like drawing pictures on my back-something my papa did-to help me fall asleep at night. Warming my side of the bed for me before I get in. Little things that mean so much) I am super curious to see what he has planned tonight. I am still secretly hoping for a suprise bouquet of flowers at work, but Im not holding my breath.

I am still super happy with the decision I made to marry him. I may not show it everyday, but he is the man that I love more than anything on this earth and he makes me so very happy.

Monday, October 12, 2009

Back home...

Well, I am all set up in my new office in Sandusky. It is so nice to be back. Soooo nice. I love how all the smiling faces walk by and welcome me back and tell me how happy they are to have my smiling face here. I love that my boss was here in the morning for a meeting, stopped by to complain about me not being there, and left. I love the quiet. I love the fact that I have already been able to get caught up because Im not being interupted by patient's walking into my office in the "employee only area." I loved my 10 min. drive. I love the fact that I can go home for lunch if I choose to. There are just so many things that make me happy about this move. I get to stay with the company that I like but be closer to home.
I guess my co-workers in Lorain aren't so happy, but I figure that they will eventually get over this. Becky called me at 10am saying that she misses me. I miss her too, but she is pretty much the only one. As sad as that sounds. The people in Sandusky are just so much nicer. So much happier. So much more positive than those in Lorain. And let me tell you, the negativity in Lorain was really getting to me. I was becoming an unhappy person, and anyone that knows me knows that that is not true.
I like that I can go to doctor's appointments on my lunch. I like that I can get together with my girlfriend that works down the road for lunch. I like that Kevin can suprise me with lunch now like he did when I was at the hospital.
I especially like that I can make it home by 5:20...and that's WITH traffic. With traffic from Lorain, 6:30...big difference there. HUGE.
Ah, it is good to be back home.

Friday, October 9, 2009

Moving day!

It's moving day at my office. I got the official go ahead to transfer to Sandusky on Monday. I have brought in all my milk crates to move all my files, binders, and supplies. I'm pretty stoked. I am looking forward to my 10 min drive. I am looking forward to the fact that I will be spending $15 a week in gas instead of $40. I'm trying to figure out how to spend the extra cash...probably bills, but I will most definitly get myself a treat like a new purse...purses are hard for me to spend money on. I use them till they fall apart. It's the only item I am really frugal on, yet I collect antique the math. Im crazy.
I plan on still getting up at the same time, but actually get to work out before work, saving on the chance that I will talk myself out of going to the gym after work. I think it is a good plan. Now that Kevin is off work as well, he is going to go with me. I always workout better when I have a partner and we can keep each other motivated and accountable for our actions. I figure we can start the P90X program again. My gym is set up with an area to do this is, so that is really nice. Plus then I don't have to go out and buy a second pull up bar and try to figure out where I can hang it in my home.
All in all, I think the move to Sandusky will make a huge change for me...more time for myself+more physical activity=a happier Haley.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

School of not-so-hard knocks

Kevin has been laid off now for about a month. Yesterday he had to go to job and family services for a group meeting. He was not thrilled about it...actually, he was furious that he had to go. Judging by the "worksheets" they were having him fill out, it looked like it was going to be a boring day. He calls me at 4pm yesterday and said the first 5 hours were horrible. Trapped in a room with a bunch of deadbeats who you can tell are living off the system, going over how to fill out an application for hours and what a resume should look like and how to dress appropriately for an interview. He went to a tech school...they had a whole class on this. I had a college professor that taught me everything about how to make a perfect resume...believe me, our resumes are kickass. So this portion was torture for him. It didn't help that he got stuck sitting next to someone that was making comments the entire time about how he doesn't ever plan on getting a job cause his "ancestors worked enough fo' him." No shit. I would have lost my temper...I don't know how Kevin didn't.
The only bright side out of this meeting was when he finally got to sit down with his case worker. She reviewed his resume and of course was impressed. Kevin is a damn hard worker. He is skilled and self-driven. It is driving him nuts that no where is hiring in this area right now. He cuts wood daily to sell and is doing lots of outdoor and indoor projects at our house. One thing I can say is he is not lazy and when it comes to hands on stuff, he can master just about anything. Well his case manager noticed this to and is applying him for a grant to go to a local community college to get his welding certificate and any other trade skills that he wants. Bonus! She is also putting his name into some type of government program that matches well qualified candidates with jobs with companies that do a lot of government contracts. One of them just happens to be at a quarry that he has wanted to work at since he was a kid. She is also going to look into ways for him to apply for a job with catapillar as a traveling service mechanic for the company...his true dream job.
So it turned out that the meeting wasn't a complete waste of his time and I have never heard him more excited. He is meeting with her again today to fill out all the grant paperwork. I hope that he is able to gain a lot of education from this little set back. I hope that he also finds a company to work for that truly appreciates his great work ethic, can-do attitude, and talents. I hope he finally finds his niche and feels like he is doing something worthwhile. He needs that. It is also nice that the government does have programs like this for individuals who really want to work, who really want to succeed, and really want to make this country a better place.
Kevin looks up to the WWII generation, always stating that there will never be another generation of hard working, dedicated, united Americans like that again. I truly believe he belonged in that time period...

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I don't know if you follow NieNie or not, but I love reading her blog. She gives me hope and makes me realize that sometimes my problems aren't as big as they could be. I always leave her blog feeling thankful.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Bridging, mending, hoping

My nieces, Emma and April, are back in town from MO. They are here for the rest of the month of October and I am uber excited.
I am excited because next week we are taking them to see "Where The Wild Things Are," which I am super excited about anyways because it has been one of my favorite books since childhood. I am also excited because it is Emma and April's favorite book. I have a kids bookshelf at the top of my stairs and it is the first place they go when they get to my house. The first book grabbed is always WTWTR. I guess Emma has been talking about the movie since she first saw the preview. She is a little tomboy and reminds me of Max in a way, so I am sure she will connect the with movie the most.
We are also planning on taking the girls to the circus. Barnum and Bailey will be in town at the end of the month. It will be my first real circus (aside from the circuses that are set up in grocery store parking lots.) We are hoping to find out what route the train is taking to take the girls to see the train roll in with all the animals and super fancy cars. I saw it once as a child pass through Bellevue. It was amazing! I want them to have that same experience.
I am kind of hoping that the girls being in town sans mom will make Kevin have to talk to his mother. He has not talked to her in over 3 1/2 years now. He had a huge falling out with his father (I don't blame him) but it cost him his relationship with his mother...basically because it puts her in a potentially dangerous situtation if his dad knows that Judy is talking to Kevin...Kevin's father is abusive but kevin's mother will not leave him...even though both of her children have offered her a place to stay, for free-and his dad has no clue where we live. Its a sad situation, but I am hoping that when I call Judy to set up a time to get the kids, I can pass the phone off to Kevin and they can actually talk. Im hoping. Fingers crossed.
Kevin has pent up anger about his mother. He feels like she chose her husband over her child, but he can't see the position she is in. A long time abused woman doesn't always have the strength to leave a husband, even if she has an out. He can't look at it from that point of view. He just thinks she is weak. He can't see that she loves him and is praying for that one day when she wakes up and her husband is different. She still has that hope. That is what she told me when I asked her to come stay with me. She looked me in the eyes, with tears brimming and said, "I can't leave him yet. I still believe he can change. He loves me, he is just sick. I can't give up on him yet." It broke my heart and infuriated me, but now I understand. Kind of. Im just hoping that Kevin is able to reconnect with his mother before it is too late and he doesn't have the choice.
I am hoping Emma and April can be that bridge without even knowing it. I love when April comes over and puts her hands on her hips, furrows her brows, and says to kevin, "Grandma's mad at you! You better call her! She said you hurt her feelings!" I love how a child's innocent words can speak volumes. Kevin cried in front of me about his mother that night. Those girls make him see what he is missing. They make him see that maybe he needs to make that first step.
I have always contacted Judy at work. I don't dare call her at home, for fear that his father would answer...there is still a lot of hate there. I don't think I could even hold back my words. I said my peace to him the day that we moved out, but he can open wounds with small attacking words. Plus, Judy can be herself at work and not have to mask who she is talking to, plus she can keep secret the fact that she is talking to me. I hate that it has to be that way, but I will hold onto the fringe of a relationship that we have left that way until it can be more again. I know that someday we will be able to sit and drink coffee and talk for hours again. I just don't know when that day will be. I miss her so much.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

random musings and thoughts

Im sitting at my desk at lunch, being a good girl, eating a turkey sandwich, 1/2 cup of low fat cottage cheese, and a yummy red delicious favorite (I can eat a whole bag in one sitting if I want to...I blame it on the fact that I grew up with a farm market in my family and the best apples around) Anyways, Im feeling stagnant again and I hate it. I think some of it has to do with the fact that I was laid up for a week, unable to do anything and I went straight back to work with no "fun" day between the two. Or it could be the fact that my boss is actually mad that I missed a week of work because I had emergency surgery and it's making me want to bitch slap her and scream, "PEOPLE HAVE EMERGENCIES, GET OVER IT!" Or it could be this undying feeling that I want to go back to school but can't seem to find a program that I like that fits into my schedule and budget. Arg. Im trying to stay positive on this one, it's just that all the local colleges around here that offer weekend classes suck ass and have stupid programs. Eventually I will break down and take up evening and weekend jobs and go back to school just won't let me right now....that and the fact that I need health insurance.

Oh my God, this apple is delish! I want about 6 more. now. I left the rest at home for a reason. Did you know that apples have an addictive substance in their peel? That is why you crave more after you have had one. I know people that have quit smoking by exchanging cigarettes for apples. That's pretty cool. And healthy.

My sister in law has made me have a craving to change my hair. It is getting way long again. I think I want to go short again, but hate all the work that comes with it. But I want something different.

My husband has been hanging out with a 19 year old kid that he used to work with. He's nice and all, but I can only handle so many sexual remarks in one day...he reaches my limit within 15 min. He can turn anything you say into a sexual inuendo. It pisses me off, but makes me laugh at the same time. He is so not a suave guy. He needs to turn on his filter and not say everything that pops in his, "she can ride my meatstick." as I flip past a chick on dancing with the stars, or "I'll give you something to dip your apple in" as I walk into my living room with sliced apples and caramel dip. really. he said that last night. That's when I yelled that I am a girl to him and told him not to talk to me that way, especially in my house...that it was disrespectful. Kevin just laughed. And then asks me 10 seconds later to hook him up with my hot cousin. That got a big laugh out of me. Dork. Yeah right. Then he assures me that he can be a perfect gentleman when he wants to. I informed him that he needs to be one to me because, hey, Im a chick. I don't want to be talked to like Im another guy in the room all the time.

I talked to Kevin about possibly doing the half marathon in Akron like Tanner and Jen did this year, next year. He is all for it. We are going to start training as soon as I am healed up enough to start running again. I think it would be awesome to eventually do a full marathon. We will see what happens.

Monday, October 5, 2009

Alive and kicking...

I had quite a tumultuous weekend last week. After feeling shitty the entire weekend and finally sick of dealing with the pain. I called my doc on sunday and asked him what I should do. My pain we out of control. I couldn't get comfortable and it felt like someone was stabbing me repeatedly. The pain had be vomitting and dry heaving to the point where I broke every blood vessel in my face. I was pretty. He said that my pain wasn't in line with ovarian cysts and that I needed to get to the ER.
I get there. They immediatly take me back to a room...they being a guy that I graduated with that was voted best looking on senior day...he just looked at me and said, "wow, you look horrible." I said thanks.
Dilaudid...doesn't touch my pain. By the time my doctor is finally called in, after suffering through an abdominal x-ray, then CT scan where I could barely keep my legs straight, my pain is out of control again. I am crying, moaning, and unable to lay still on my bed. My doc walks in, looks at the ER doc and asks why my pain isn't under control. He immediately calls for the nurse to give me demerol now. I was quite happy after my shot of demerol...finally the pain was under control. All my tests came back negative except for the cyst on my left ovary that we already knew about. My doc was convinced there was something else going on. Off to emergency surgery I go.
They found that I had ovarian torsion...that is, my ovary was strangling itself. It had literally tied the ligament/tube that held it in place in a knot and would allow blood flow in, but not back out so the blood that was in the ovary would eventually die and become stagnant. My body was being poisoned by my angry ovary. This is why I have been so sick lately with nausea, vomitting, and diarrhea. My body was trying to tell me that it was bad. So, basically, I got my wish. The doctor removed my angry ovary and I have a lovely incision to prove it. I am excited to get back on the road to recovery and eventually be able to do a sit up again...still struggling with that one!
I am hoping to not have anymore suprises with my lady parts for a long, long time. I think I have had my fair share for this is someone elses turn. Any takers?