Friday, April 17, 2009

Triple threat

Ah, has hit finally, at least for a day or two. I am so excited. The sun is out, birds are chirping, people are out and about everywhere...this is what makes Ohio worth it. A lot of other states you don't get the changing of seasons. The winter at least gives you something to look forward to.
Had another awesome workout last night. I put up 120 on flat bench. I was so proud of myself. I am starting to feel like my old self again...super confident, strong, respected. I love the fact that the owner treats me like one of the boys. Whenever I walk in, he comes over and chats with me, spots me, asks me to spot feels good. I like lifting hard, grunting, pushing my body to its limits. I love when I turn around and a set of guys are watching me and they comment on the fact that I lift like a guy and have great form. I love that the girls that live on the treadmill, afraid to leave the cardio zone, stare at me, and probably talk amongst themselves about me. Eat it up. In a few more months, my super toned body will be back and you will see why I lift the way I do. I love that some of my old partners from back in the day are up there and that we can still motivate each other. I love that the guys treat me as one of their own. I just love getting back to who I am.
What I don't love is how freakin' insecure women are. My ex-boyfriend lifts at the same time as me. We are ex's for a reason, but we are still friends. He is a power lifter and we talk about different exercises you can do to hit body parts differently. His chick works at the gym and she actually came up to me while I was working out and told me to not talk to HER man. Huh? I didn't realize she owned him. She is gorgeous...I mean gorgeous! Killer body, great face...what do I have right now? About 35 xtra lbs! We aren't talking all sexy like, we aren't going to run off to the bathroom and bang, we are exchanging lifting Why am I such a threat to these women? Do I need to get a shirt that says "I am not here to take your man," or "Im married," or "Im not a threat" ? I don't get it.
Anyways, that just makes me lift harder, that's right, watch me, watch me take my anger out on this bar, machine, dumbbell, whatever. And yes, I will still talk to YOUR man while doing so!

Have a party to go to saturday night. Getting way excited about it. Going to see some friends we haven't seen in a long time! Also going to go help my friend find shoes and jewlery for a wedding. She is so cute she could go naked...jealous...then we are going to go for a walk...she and I signed up to do a marathon (I don't know what I was thinking) and we need to start training asap...the treadmill at the gym just isn't the same as running outside. I don't want to keel over 1/2 mile into the damned thing and die, or have old ladies passing me. Mainly the old lady thing, though I am sure I will get passed by many. Oh well. Its a start to my reclamaition of my old self.
Well off to lunch, yay, plain tuna and hard boiled eggs, again!!!!
Have a great weekend and happy friday!!!!


  1. Where do I start? About the girlfriend . . . she's probably jealous the her boyfriend can talk to you more comfortably than he talks to her. He smiles at you and you don't have to give him a bj for him to do so. Most girls don't know how to bond with men, you're lucky that you do. Having male best friends is great! About the workouts . . .I'm so proud that you are taking control of your life again. I bet you feel so much better. This weekend . . . have fun. You deserve it. The marathon . . . that's so cool. Don't feel bad if you get passed by an old person. I had a 70+ man pass me at the Akron Marathon last year . . .and he was limping. WTF! It's about finishing. You can do it!

  2. even the most gorgeous girls are insecure, and that just proves it. good for you for reclaiming yourself and working so hard! i really admire that and wish I had that kind of motivation. hope you have a great weekend! i'm off to order Twilight on Demand. oh, Edward...