Thursday, April 9, 2009

Really? No.

What is with men? Why do they think the world revolves around them? And why, after 3 years of silence would you think I would still want you?

So I sent out a mass email to all my contacts on my email account giving an update about my surgery since I had gotten like 10 emails about how I was doing and an old boyfriend from college was still on my contacts list. So he reads this long email about all the shit I have been through and comes back with an email saying, "why are you emailing me. I don't care, send this to someone who does." WTF! I want to drive to Georgia and kick some ass right now. Why even respond if this is how you are going to treat me?
First off, this guy toyed with me for 8 long years. Second, he lied to me about having a WIFE and KID. He would call me almost everyday for years and never mentioned anything about a girl, even though I asked. One night at 1 in the morning my phone rings and it's his number...who's on the other end? His WIFE! (I was single at the time and we were back "on" again, if you can call it that.) She starts threatening me, making it seem like I was pursuing her man, when in reality, he always purued me! So basically it all comes out in the morning that he is married and has a kid, he just thought he could still "play" with me. However, this "gentleman" told his wife that I was pursuing him and always calling him, even though all the last calls came from his phone...hmmm. Nice guy, huh. So I dropped all contact with him, yet I would still get emails from him. This guy is a scum bag and was practically cheating on his wife (we had plans to see each other 2 weeks from the last phone call,) yet he made me out to be the terrible person. So, long story short, I hate this guy now and I am pissed that I ever wasted my time on him.
So needless to say, I was more than a little pissed when I got that message. To top it off, his little wifey sends me a message on my myspace telling me to back off. Huh? Seriously? Go hump a tree. I am furious right now.
Did you not read the email? Did it say anything about you? No! Get over yourself. It was a mistake, believe me, a HUGE mistake. And if he didn't catch it, I mentioned my husband several times in the email...I hate ignorant, self-centered assholes. I will have to post a blog from my myspace on here about the comments his wife was making about me. I think its funny, I am sure you all will too.

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  1. Isn't it amazing how many slime balls are out there? He's not even worth the air you breath. But it would be nice to get one swing at him, eh? I have a few that I'd love to pummel.