Monday, April 13, 2009

Easter Maddness!!!

I hope everyone's holiday went well. Mine was busy but a lot of fun.
Saturday, Kevin got home from work early and wanted to do something with friends. So we start calling around and of course, no one in the close vicinity can do anything because they already have plans. So we call our friend in the Cleveland area...sure enough, they are ready to go! We ended up going downtown in Lakewood and had dinner and drinks at this place called was super yummy! It was great seeing friends that we don't get to see all that often and just having a chill time with them. The ride home sucked though. We had planned on getting a hotel not too far from our friend's place, but all they had was a smoking room and it stunk bad! So we drove home at 2am...yuck.
Sunday we get up and start doing stuff around the house. We picked up the area where we are going to have our garden and burnt all the limbs that accumulated over the winter from storms and burnt them. Then we began working on our landscaping again. I had planned on just skipping the steinbauer easter since it was Kevin's only day off, but I ended up going over by myself. It was great seeing everyone, even though I was only there an hour. Then it was off to my moms for dinner. Turner was hilarious with the giant easter wheelbarrow my parents got him. He is too cute! He wanted nothing to do with the easter egg hunt my mom was so excited about, but loved the swing until he got cold. I love the faces and noises he makes so much! After waking kevin's lazy butt up off the couch at mom's, we headed back to our place and began again. We got more edging put down and I figure I can get the rest of the edgin put in this week and then get the bisquene down this coming weekend and then the rest of the stone down. We need to replace about 3 plants that didn't make it from last year, but then we will be done!


  1. You're so motivated! We didn't get anything accomplished this weekend outside of our house. Hell, I was lucky to get the inside cleaned. Turner loves playing with you so much!

  2. accomplished quite a bit! i managed to clean the house and then be lazy the rest of the weekend.

  3. I still feel like I got nothing done...thanks mom for that trait!

  4. Nothing done?! You're weekend sounds 10 times more productive than mine. I'd love to garden but a) I live in the desert and it takes too much work b) I usually forget I have plants and c) I inevitably kill my plants. Rock gardens are more my speed.