Wednesday, September 16, 2009


Got great news at work yesterday...THEY ARE MOVING ME TO THE SANDUSKY OFFICE!!!!! This means many things...
1.) 10 min from home instead of one hour
2.) save lots o' money on gas
3.) extra hour of sleep each day
4.) don't have to deal with idiot at my current location anymore
5.) I can make it to my second job when they would like me to be there instead of when I can get there
6.) my own office
7.) my own office next to three of my favorite people in sandusky
8.) getting home from work at 5:15 instead of 6:15

I could go on forever. I am so excited. When both managers called me in the office, I was scared, trying to figure out how I had messed up...couldn't think of anything, but both managers are never there so I was freaking! Then they told me. I struggled to keep from hopping in my chair because my current manager is a little bummed about it. But, seriously, I am so excited!

I am eating a delicious lunch provided by my Momo (grandma.) A lovely roast with potatoes, carrots, and green beans fresh from her garden. I love Momo's home cooking...just add salt, she can't have salt because of a disease that she has that affects her balance. That's ok though. It is making my day, especially watching all my coworkers drool over it. Mmmm. yummy.

My new positive outlook on life seems to be paying off so far...Im going to have to keep this up!


  1. Congrats Haley, that's awesome news!

  2. Riding the Blue Streak at lunch....


  3. That's awesome! As someone who has a very loooong commute, I completely understand your exitement. I'd be doing cartwheels :)

  4. I COULD ride the blue streak at lunch, all though Maverick and Raptor are still my favs!

  5. woohoo! I'm jealous. it would be awesome to be so close to work!!

  6. That's fantastic!! Positive thinking does wonders for your life.. I'm tellin' ya!