Thursday, September 17, 2009

My moving day at work is getting closer. I love seeing all my pictures and unnecessary items in a box waiting to be rushed to the door.

My mind has been on overload for several days now. I can't keep things straight in there anymore...too many ideas, not enough space.

A "friend" from high school contacted me on facebook. I say "friend" because we weren't really friends. She was always super different from everyone else. We first met in elementary school. She and her brother are adopted. They always dressed different, like she would wear things that her mom would wear, with the same hair cut, but would be 8 years old with a sweater with a frilly lace collar that an 80 year old would wear. My mom made me be friends with her. Apparently she had it pretty rough before and that is another reason why she is so different. I felt bad for her. I tried to hang out and play with her, but it was uncomfortable because her mom had to sit with us while we played to make sure she played appropriately because she was "touched as a child and didn't understand that that isn't normal play for children." The friendship didn't last much past junior high, but I was always nice to her. She tried to be normal, it just won't ever happen. Anyways, she has gained a ton of weight and is close to 350lbs. She is trying to lose weight. She needs people to help keep her motivated and active. I offered to walk with her at the reservoir behind her house. I haven't talked to her in person since we graduated. I still feel bad for her and wonder how she is now. Im glad she contacted me, but I have never been so nervous to make a phone call in my life. Im not doing it out of pity, Im doing it because she is truly a nice person and I hope she can make this change to better herself. I just hope her mom doesnt follow us on our walks.

My boss loved an idea I came up with last night to help get repeat mastectomy business. I am proud of myself. Let's just say, Im stealing a clever tactic that Victoria's Secret uses.

Kevin is still jobless and I wish he would get bored enough at our house that he would clean the place top to bottom. I hate leaving notes of things to do like mom's do to children when they are on summer break. My note today..."FINISH THE LANDSCAPING!!!"

I want to go on "The Real World." Im too old now though. If I were on this season I so would have hooked up with Bronne...I love him but I don't know why...

I had a guy ask me this morning if I wanted a sugar old Italian guy...too bad Im married. easy money. just joking. maybe, maybe not.

Im sad that "the swayze" has passed away. I loved watching him interact with his wife. You could always tell they were so in love. Im hoping for a dirty dancing marathon this weekend on WE or fingers are crossed.

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  1. The first few weeks my boyfriend was unemployed he was in such a funk. He would spend all morning looking for a job and be depressed by afternoon and do nothing around the house. It got better though, and he started taking care of things around the house. I don't think I did dishes more than twice this summer while he wasn't working. Though money was tight, I actually enjoyed having a "stay-at-home" man.