Thursday, September 24, 2009

Adventures at the OB/GYN

I had my appointment with Dr. Visci yesterday. He did my first 6 month pap since my hysto and we talked about my ovarian cyst, aka angry ovary. We are doing another ultrasound this coming tuesday to assess how large it is, or if it has ruptured, and then discussing my options then. We are either going to go in and fish out the bad one, if the cyst is still there and large, or going to try to control them with birth control. He is fairly convinced that it ruptured, since he couldn't feel it when the ER doc could the other night, but wants to make sure it didn't just rotate around, since my ovaries are now "free balling." That is, they aren't attached to anything and they just kinda float around. I am hopeful that they can be controlled with birth control.

It never fails that idiots are in the waiting room while I am in the waiting room at my OB/GYN. I love how everyone assumes that you are there to try to have a baby if you have a ring on your finger. I had one woman come up to me, who must have seen me at many of my other appointments, and actually say, "Don't worry, it took me and my husband 3 years to finally get pregnant, but I have faith and you will be just as lucky." Really. I look at her and then say, "Honey, I had a hysto, I had cancer." She turned red and walked away. Who are you to approach me and give me words of encouragement when you don't know me?! Its not like I am reading all the parenting magazines, crying at the pictures of babies...Im the chick with the ONE car magazine in the place, or reading one of my books. Give me a break! I don't cry at the sight of a pregnant woman, wishing it were me.

Then, as I'm trying to get back into my book, a mother and daughter duo take up residence in chairs across from me, as in 2 ft across from me. The girl was MAYBE 14. She was all excited to FINALLY be put on birth control. Sick. If this wasn't enough, she starts bitching because her mom didn't get her the diamond encrusted bead for her pandora bracelet for her birthday. Gag. This ellicited a dirty look from me. As in, could you bitch quieter please...Im trying to read my book. Look goes unnoticed by girl, but very noticed by mother who tells daughter to keep it down. Next subject brought up by little girl, "Why can't my boyfriend spend the night?" Her know we are already doing it, so just let us do it. Im old enough... Again, dirty look from me, or one more of disgust. She went on for over 20 minutes about this. The entire staff behind the counter were making faces with looks of disgust...several people had moved farther away, and the mother was slouched down in her chair, embarrased. Finally, after I couldn't take her shrieking any longer, I look up, and firmly say, "could you please show a little more respect for your mother? and please keep it down?" The daughter responds, "why don't you show ME some respect, what's it to you." I respond, "well, its obvious that you don't have respect for anyone, considering that the entire office has moved away from your loud mouth and you are embarrasing your mother, so I think that it shows that I have more respect for your mother than you do. And if your going to voice your personal business in a quiet office, your making it EVERYBODY'S business and frankly Im sick of hearing you." That shut her up. A couple of the office girls actually started applauding and saying things like, "bout time somebody shut her up." The girl sat glaring at me for the next 10 min as I calmly read my book. When my name was finally called, I just stood up, smiled at her, and told her mom good luck. The office girls in the back were all laughing and coming over to tell me that they wished that they could have said something to the girl. I don't like being a bitch, but a half an hour of straight bitch talk from a little girl is not something that I handle well, especially when it is directly affecting me.
But seriously, I want, just one time, to go to this office and not have to deal with bullshit from other patients. Is that too much to ask?!


  1. I hate when people make assumptions like that. Good for you for setting that woman in the waiting room straight! And, good for you for saying to that girl, what everyone else wanted to say but wouldn't. I think you and I would get along well--like you, when something/someone is acting disrespectfully to me or to someone else in front of me, I tell him/her about it. I try to keep my words calm and direct and leave personal attacks out.

    I hope whatever you wind up doing about angry ovary works. Good luck!

  2. Ha! You pulled the C-card! I love doing that. People are so effing obnoxious.

    And I would've wanted to kill that little girl

  3. Atta girl!

    People like that make my head spin! What makes people feel the need to open their mouths, in public, about very personal things? One of my MAJOR pet-peeves. Hopefully, both of those women/girls/whatever's will now think twice before opening their yappers.

    Air high-five!

  4. I would have love to have seen you shut up the presumptive woman and the obnoxious girl!

  5. Some people have so much nerve. Ugh. And btw, I am sitting here also applauding you for what you told that girl. Some kids' attitudes disgust me.

    You, on the other hand, have an admirable attitude. Good luck with the ovary! x

  6. Good job. It sounds like you said the right things. After we adopted, I had all these people say "You watch, now you'll get pregnant."

    Ummm, no.