Wednesday, September 9, 2009


Brandi over at bookjunkie tagged all on this questionaire...I love me some questionaires!

Available or married? Married

Best Friend? Beth, Jill, Carrie, Amanda

Cake or Pie? Pie

Drink of choice? Iced tea

Essential item for every day use? toothbrush

Favorite color? blue

Google? yes please!

Hometown? Bellevue, also known as Belltucky

Indulgences? shoes

January or February? February

Kids and their names? My two cats, Stewart Puffincocks III, Nubby St. Nubbins, and my dog, Malarky "Bull" Shitter (see why we don't have kids?!)

Life is incomplete without...? coffee, love, friends

Marriage date? 10-13-2007

Number of siblings? 3 brothers, Tanner, Joe, Jake, and one step brother, Ben

Oranges or apples? apples...all day, every day

Phobias and fears? heights, SPIDERS

Quote for the day? "We's some hot bitches, even while throwing gang signs." Jill Reed regarding girls night (you will see what I mean once I post pics!)

Reason to smile? Pictures from girls night

Tag 3 people to complete this on their blogs? Jen, Lora, MJ

Unknown fact about me? I dance in the shower

Vegetable you hate? Brussel sprouts...blah

Worst habit? picking my cuticles...when Im nervous

X-Rays you've had? knee, ankle, chest, teeth

Your fave food? Steak, scallops, lobster bisque...mmmmm

Zodiac sign? Taurus. you wanna fight?

I really will put up picks from girls night when I get a chance. Right now the pics jill sent me won't load, some internal error bullshit. Soon, very soon. I promise they are worth the wait.


  1. I knew I would get tagged with this eventually! i will get to it, I promise!

  2. Dancing in the shower sounds dangerous!

  3. lobster bisque...YUM. and omg, i love your 'kids' names. so hilarious.