Friday, September 11, 2009


My house is currently being bombed for bugs. My cats are pissed off in their carriers chilling out in the garage for a couple hours while the fog clears. My house was being overtaken by spiders and that's not cool.

Yesterday I found a gigantic, by gigantic I mean 3" in diameter, spider in my bathtub. I was screaming at the top of my lungs like a little girl. Kevin washed it down the drain. I wasn't happy enough with that demise so I put some bleach down the drain to make sure it wouldn't climb back up. I was itchy for hours and my shower that night was the worst shower of my life. Shampoo hurts the eyes when you can't close them for fear.

So we get ready for bed, go upstairs, and do our usual fight over who is going to make the bed over who. Kevin jumps in and flings the covers back. There it is, scurrying along my clean sheets; another spider. More screaming ensues. Im throwing myself across the room to get away from the creature darting towards me. Kevin is scrambling to get out of bed because Im screaming, but he doesn't know what for. I stammer out that there is a spider in the bed and point to it crouching down in the middle of the bed, poised for attack. He tries to find something to kill it with...flip flop...perfect! I make him carry it downstairs to flush down the toilet. I couldn't sleep at all last night. Every time the sheet tickled across my foot, I would jerk myself awake and start the whole heart thumping process again.

Kevins job today is to ensure that no creature is living in our house when I get home...except my cats and dog of course. I can't handle spiders. They send me into a horrible fright. It is the one thing I am petrified by...and I am not joking.


  1. Eeewww...I can handle spiders, but I freak out about reptiles. It's a sight to see. Hope your home is creepy crawly free by the time you get home!

  2. omg.

    so, I have this Halloween "trick" where I buy those plastic spider rings from the dollar store, clip off the ring part, and place them all over my home and office. I promise I'll never ever ever do that to you

  3. oh jesus, my heart was racing as i read this! i can totally relate to your fear and i hope the problem is taken care of by the time you get home. kevin had better have a body count as proof! ew!

  4. Awhile ago, early in the morning on my drive to work, I felt something on my head, so I brushed the top of my head with my hand.... can you guess the end of this story? Biiiiiig spider like the one you saw. On. My. Head.

    PS Thanks for coming to my blog. "Keem" is known in Japanese as "nori," which is the wrapping used around sushi.