Thursday, September 10, 2009

The only benefit of a funeral...

is that you get to see family members and when a family member is a photographer, you get new family pictures. The dress may be darker than most of us normally wear, but we are all dressed well, appropriate, and hair and makeup done. That doesn't always happen. I got my cd of photos from my aunt yesterday. She really does such a nice job even though she only does photography as a hobby and took one course at a local community college. You be the judge...

Could I maybe photoshop my body to not be soooo white? Can you tell that Kevin borrowed a suit jacket from a friend that is 3" shorter than him?

The 14 siblings and Grandma...last time all 14 were in a photo together was somewhere around's an amazing picture complete with plaid bellbottoms, afros, and bad glasses...

My brother Tanner and his wife Jen...possibly two of the most photogenic people on the their eyes rock in pics!

I have yet to get a really good picture of them yet...always, someone isn't quite in point. My dad and step mom.My grandma and grandpa...taken at my cousin's wedding in PA back in 2007...they looked so nice that day.


  1. Thanks for posting the pics, they're wonderful. I am so in love with the one of Grandpa Jack and Grandma Rosemary. They had the ever-loving, forever yours, marriage we all strive for.

  2. I love your dress! and all the pics

  3. Thanks for introducing us to your family. :)

    In judaism, funerals are all about celebrating life and bringing the family together. I've always liked that about my religion. Sounds like your family's got that figured out too.

  4. I love all the pics. You look great! Love the dress!