Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Fall is in the air...

Well, not this morning. It is super muggy here. We have the AC back on at work and all fans going full blast.

However, this weekend, I got all my fall decorations out and pulled some old ones to sell in the next garage sale.

Fall is my favorite time of year. Fall is the season of my wedding vows. Fall will always bring back great memories from high school football games...games where it was comfy to wear our cheerleading skirts and our turtlenecks underneath our shells. Perfect cheering weather. Fall brings out a comfort that no other season can. It is perfectly acceptable to wear shorts and a sweatshirt. Fall nights give you a reason to have a bonfire and sit in the company of good friends doing absolutly nothing. Fall is orange, red, yellow, and burgandy.

Fall is when I make my yearly journey back to Heidelberg to gaze at two of my favorite things...1.) a patch of road on 101 that is completely enclosed by trees that turn brilliant shades of purple, red, and burgandy. It makes you feel like you are driving through the stained glass of St. Chapelle. The light filters through the trees the same way it does through these windows...

2.) the ginko tree located in front of the science hall. The lovely fan shaped leaves fall to the ground creating a golden carpet. One of my favorite teachers taught biology and made it a point to teach one class under that tree, on the golden floor...not much teaching was done on these days, but appreciation of the beauty around us was soaked in.


  1. I want to put on a tiara and a long dress and frolic beneath that ginkgo tree. Yellow plant life always makes me feel whimsical like that.