Friday, September 4, 2009

My days are all mixed up this week. It feels like wednesday to me even though it is friday. This is a good could be the other way around as it normally is.
I am looking forward to my long weekend. I need the rest. Tonight I will be spending the evening with Joe...he is home from the army for a few days. This will be the first time he has been home in 9 months and 4 months since I have seen him last. We are planning on just chilling at my house, watching tv, probably ordering pizza, checking out the new tattoos he has acquired since leaving home. I am more than excited to see him, but have been trying to put it out of my mind today so that the day doesn't drag along like it likes to. 5pm will not come soon enough,.
Saturday is my girls night in Cleveland. I am uber excited about this. I haven't been out with just the girls since Tiff's bachelorette party last june. It is due time for some dancing, "whooing," high-heel wearing, drunk stumbling, picture taking, girl time. I just hope the limo driver can handle our loud mouths. We are not a quiet bunch by any means. I am wearing a dress out...I have never done this before, but the dress is meant to be worn out for a good time, not to mourn in as it was used for on tuesday. It has pockets. Can I tell you just how excited I am about the pockets?! Im from little old Clyde Ohio, we don't get trendy clothing in this area, but this dress makes me feel trendy, modern, and sophisticated...and it is low cut but still covers my tatas...I can't explain how that works, but it does. Another benefit of girls night, I get to combine two groups of friends. The core group that set this up was my Cleveland buddies. We are each bringing a couple friends from outside the group. We are all excited about this. We are men with vaginas and friends from in town are the same way. I can't wait to meet new people and have my friends meet my cleveland bunch that I rave about so often.
Sunday and monday will be used for recoup. I am sure I will need both days. I am not 21 anymore.
Did I tell you I started back at my friend's restaurant? The place is called Fontana's in Bellevue. Just a little Italian restaurant that one of my best friends has owned since we were 20. I have worked for him off and on since 2003, helping out whenever he can't find decent high school kids to work. It is only a couple of hours a week and I deliver and wash dishes. It's not even like work because we talk about music, movies, our friends, and families the whole time. Before you know it, it is closing time. It's like getting paid to socialize. My type of job.
I hope you all have a great weekend!


  1. Have fun with Joe tonight and good luck getting him away from your Mom! I'll be missing girly night tomorrow evening to see him, but it'll be worth it.
    You should take a pic of your dress and post it. It's really pretty and looked great on you.
    Merging friends is so cool. Wednesday Spaghetti is how I did it and it was awesome. Everyone gets along great and I'm sure your buddies will be the same way.
    Don't you wish that fun jobs paid more? Regardless, a little cash in the pocket for hanging out with friends is always a bonus.
    Have fun this weekend!

  2. Have a blast this weekend! Wish I could have joined you. And a pic of the dress! It sounds great!

  3. Have a great time and I can't wait to see pictures!!