Monday, September 21, 2009

Im going to call the doctor today and tell him he needs to schedule me to have my "angry" ovary removed. I can't handle it any longer. Ive been in constant pain for over a week now. Im frustrated. Im nauseaus all the time. I haven't eaten a regular meal (and kept it down) for over a week. and now, to boot, I am constipated. I chugged half a bottle of mag citrate last night and broke down and gave myself a suppository. It has never felt so great to have liquid poop in my life. (I know, too much info, but hey, thats what you are here for.) I know my doctors all like "I want you to keep your ovaries as long as possible" but damn try living like this! It isn't living. It is making it through the time between when you can be on the couch or in bed...that hour drive is killing me. Even though Im constipated, I feel the need to sit for ridiculously long periods of time on the toilet praying to poop. Praying to keep my lunch from coming back out my mouth. Praying for the pain in my left lower quadrant to stop for 5 damn minutes. I can't live on darvocet. I can't drive with it. I can't stay awake with it. I can't always keep it in my belly. Im sick of the nasty looks my boss gives me as I walk to the bathroom for the 20th time during the day. Sometimes men just don't get it. I still have another one...can't we just get rid of this pissed off one before it pisses off my other one?!


  1. good luck. you're right, it truly is no way to live.

  2. Sounds terrible. I'm glad you're making the decision to do something about it. Good luck with everything.