Thursday, June 4, 2009

oh my hips!

My friend, Beth, and I had a brilliant plan a month ago..."Lets do some 5k's this year!" We did our first one on Memorial Day weekend. (I will add a pic once I get my film developed!) It was the Jon Martin 5k in Bellevue. It is a memorial to a man that was killed in Iraq last year who is from Bellevue. He was a pretty amazing guy.

Beth and I "ran" the 5k. I say "ran" because we walked more than we "ran." But we finished in the middle of the pack, so I wasn't too upset. Plus, we had done absolutely no training, so the fact that we finished in 42.01 didn't phase me much.

Well, the running bug got us and now we are signed up for one almost every weekend for the next three months. I have been talking with running friends from know, the one's who do the Boston marathon...and have been getting tips on training and learning how to not kill ourselves, and our shins (otherwise known as the anterior tibialis muscle.) My little brother, Joe, set a goal for us to run one in 25 min by October...we shall see if this happens.

So for the past week, I have been going up to the local high school track to "run." I will let you know when it turns from a "run" to a RUN. Right now I am doing more splits than anything. Walk 100, sprint 100 with the goal to increase my lung capacity and recovery time/breath control. I sound like a damn freight train/tornado/vaccuum/dying person when I "run" currently. I would settle for the tornado sound. I have found that my times at night are getting better just from day to day, but am getting nervous about my next actual 5k...which is on Kelley's Island-which I am pumped about!

I will be excited when I can run the entire distance instead of having to take breaks. My hip fat already feels smaller, my calves are tighter, my quads are more is amazing how quickly you see a difference in your body from running. Even my workouts at the gym have gotten better. I see more muscle definition in the mirror when I am lifting, and this gives me even more confidence in myself...not that I need that!

Beth is my drill seargent at the track, I am the drill seargent at the gym...we are a good team...I just outweigh her by 100lbs!
As you can see in this pic...she is the nun...I am the dirty german girl!
But boy do my hips hurt! That is my only complaint thus far-aside from the boob jiggle that the boys at the track enjoy watching and I cringe at...every bounce is a millimeter towards my bellybutton in my eyes...Im going to be walking on them before long...hope I win the sports bra on ebay I am bidding on!


  1. I used to jog every other morning, but it was killing my knees so I gave it up.

    I find that when I workout, I feel better about myself. I doubt that one pilates class does anything to my appearance, but it feels like it does.

  2. You are officially my inspiration for running more. We have a treadmill at home that I like to use (too hot outside), though I don't use it as often as I'd like. I had this crazy goal of "running" the equivalent of a marathon every week (or every two) but that hasn't happened yet.

    I love seeing my arms pumping as I run and glancing down at my feet moving. And yes it does wonders for your body. And it makes my hips hurt too, but I feel so good after.

  3. When you finish your first 5k in under 33 minutes, I'll buy you whatever sports bra you want! When I was breastfeeding I HATED running because of my boobies. I feel your pain and will be glad to contribute to the bra fund as long as you keep enjoying it and meet my goal of 32:59 ! Nothing is more wonderful than a good over-the-shoulder boulder holder. Good luck and I'll be thinking of you!

  4. Wow...good luck! I think it's awsome...I've always wanted to be a 'runner' but would pass out after about 5 minutes!

  5. Good luck! I'm going to have to echo Brandie's comment up there LOL