Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Im alive!

Ok, I promise to not blog about negative stuff for a while...its been a trying time for me here as of late. Between work being super busy and home life being a little upside down, its been hard for me to remain my normal positive self. But...I. Will. Try.

My cricut should arrive this weekend. I am pretty excited about it. For all you non-scrapbookers out there, the cricut is the quintessential tool for makes everything so much easier and prettier and cleaner and more creative. I am getting a great deal on it from a friend who bought a huge scrapbook lot off ebay that included a brand-spankin' new cricut. Now I don't have to steal hers when I want to scrapbook. And I can have scrapbook parties on my beerpong table turned scrapbook haven.

Im planning a trip to Vegas in Feb. I have never been to Vegas and I am excited to finally go! We are going to get as many friends involved as possible too. So far there are about 6-7 of us planning on going. Im not sure what hotel to try to book, so if any of you are Vegas-veterans, shoot me your reccomendations! I am not one to gamble, so I plan on relaxing, drinking, and shopping while out there. I want to come back with at least one pair of designer shoes. The closest designer shoes around here are the Nine West shoes at our Macy's...our local shopping sucks and even the larger cities near us don't have much to offer. The first time I walked into a Sak's I thought I had died and gone to heavan! I can't wait to see the rows and rows of pretty, little, strappy, non-strappy, peep-toed, shiny, stilletto'd beauties! Yes, I love shoes!

Have a great day! It's rainy here, but that usually means the old ladies won't go outside to ruin their hair...maybe I will be able to get some work done!


  1. i wish i was a scrapbooker. i wish i would just develop some of my damn pictures.

    i've always wanted to go to vegas. i hope you have fun! and find a fantastic pair of shoes.

    rain is makin me so sleepy today.

  2. Glad you're alive, and getting rest, and going to Vegas! A much deserved break from it all, how wonderful!

  3. Vegas is awesome! You will love it there :) I have stayed at the Luxor, Mandalay Bay, and The Hard Rock. All 3 very fun!!!