Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Medical Bills

What do people without insurance do when it comes to medical bills. Bills from my surgery are rolling in and I am flabergasted. I am trying to understand why I still owe so much. Then I look at the itemized bills and realize that the cost of everything is outrageous!
They charged me $1600.00 for one hour in PACU. That is bullshit. All they did was hook my up to a monitor, take my blood pressure every 5 min. Feed me some ice chips and give me some pain meds. That is it. You mean to tell me it cost $1600 for that! Don't think so.
My anesthesia bill is $343.20, after insurance. Dr. Jung was my anesthesiologist. I want to call him and say, "Hey, since I pulled your pre-op papers for you everyday for 5 years, how bout we call it even." I'd say him not having to get off his ass to get shit on my floor is payment enough. Or the $857.52 that I owe the hospital. How bout the 5 years of service I gave you. The Christmas mornings when I was at work while my family was spending time together. Every Easter that I missed because they didn't count it as a holidy. The father's and mother's days that I missed for 5 years in a row because my weekend just always happened to land on those days. The sleepless nights when I came in because you were short-handed and you knew I would come in. How bout we just call it even. You owe me anyways.
My surgeon, yeah, I will gladly pay him. His bill is only $324.00. I think that's pretty reasonable. But the a almost $1000 that I owe pathology to confirm something that we already knew, not so much. How bout you go fly a kite. I laughed when I saw that my insurance only paid them $16.00 and I only owe them $16.04! Haha! Nice try sending me the bill to see if I would pay it! I will patiently wait for my EOB and send you a copy of what I REALLY have to pay.
Medical bills suck. Period.


  1. Our medical system is so effed up. I have a friend who broke her leg in a scooter accident and had to have three surgeries. She doesn't have health insurance and has already gotten at least $10,000 worth of bills in the mail.

  2. We have yet to start seeing Tanner's bills from his ankle. Just when we paid of his bills for his eye surgery, here comes more. Not looking forward to it, but atleast it's tax deductible!

  3. Isn't it awful? My insurance wouldn't cover my last surgery and I had a bill for $23,000! Yeah, ok, let me just pull that out of my back pocket for ya. Insane!!

  4. That's my thing, they act like you can just push a couple grand out your butt or something...they fail to see that you aren't working, they just want their money. So much for allowing the patient to recover fully-a little difficult when you can't sleep because of stress!