Friday, June 19, 2009

Im frustrated...

I know I promised to try to post only positive things here for a while, but the dark clouds overhead seem to have darkened my mood as well.
I am frustrated with my best friend. She is in a shitty marriage, a one-sided marriage. Her husband became his true self as soon as the ring was on her finger and the paperwork was signed. They only dated 1 year before getting married and havn't even been married a year yet. He is now addicted to porn, and alcoholic, a cheater, and basically doesn't give two shits about her and how she is handling it is driving me nuts.
She tells me everything, which isn't always the best, especially if you don't want my opinion. They are going to a couples recovery group at her father's church, but he doesn't ever speak and he has a beer in his hand as soon as they are back in the truck heading home. Sounds to me like he almost gets the message.
This guy is a sleaze bag, douch-nozzle, hillbilly, with no fucking morals, no respect for anyone else, and to boot, he thinks he is God's gift to everything. He tried feeling me up at a party in January. I hit him. If he is willing to do this to me, who else is he doing it to? I was told that he tried to grab her sister's ass as well. Yeah, great guy.
What pisses me off the most is that she isn't strong enough to just walk away. I would have given up by now. I know she really wants to make it work and loves him, but I don't get why! He apparently doesn't care about her! He gave her a fucking STD and lied about it to her face!!! HE DOESN'T CARE ABOUT YOU! HE'S NEVER GOING TO CARE ABOUT YOU! ALL HE CARES ABOUT IS HIS PENIS, HIS BEER, AND WHAT HE CAN PUT HIS PENIS IN!
He told her that she sucks in bed and isn't satisfying him...last time I checked she said he has no clue what foreplay is...sounds like the typical male asshole here.
He hates me because he knows I have him figured out, he knows that I am strong enough to stand up to him, and I make him look like the country-fried, ignorant, asshole he is everytime we have to be around him.
get the picture, he's not worth your tears, he's not worth your hurt feelings, he's not worth risking getting another STD over. You are smart, beautiful, and deserve way better than what you have. Get rid of him! Move on! Be happy! Life is too short to deal with bullshit like him!



  1. One of these days, she'll wake up. I just hope it's soon. Im sure it's very difficult watching the shitscapades, especially when you're in the front row. I know she's listening to you, and she knows you're right, but it'll take awhile until she is completely DONE. Obviously, she still has hope that the marriage is going to work. Sometimes a person is blinded by love and marriage and kids and houses and and and. It's hard for her to walk away (even though we don't understand why), but I think she will. Be prepared to pick up the pieces when she does. It'll be a mess. Until then, support, encourage, and listen. Rah! Rah! Rah!

  2. No wonder you are frustrated. This guy sounds like a real piece of shit, who deserves no one.

    As much as it sucks, you can't make your friend see the light. You are doing your part if you are open and honest with her about your opinion and there to support her while she's with him and when she finally does leave him.

  3. She needs to get out of that situation. And she will. It may take a little time, no one likes to give up without a fight. But hopefully one day she'll finally see, and have the courage to get out. Life is too short - you can't stay with someone who makes you miserable. But she'll have to figure that out on her own - and you'll be there to cheer her on!