Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Hope lost...

So, turns out that Trent has stopped taking orders for the VIP treatment at his shows because they had soooo many people do it they couldn't accommodate all the requests! This is now only available for the overseas tours. Yeah, that's not going to happen. I wouldn't be able to get my passport in time if Kevin could, by some miracle of God, get me a plane ticket, hotel accomodations, AND still afford the VIP package. Im bummed, but I keep telling myself, I have seen them 5 times...most people don't get that. Be thankful for what you have gotten to do. Now I just have to convince Kevin to buy me a $100 CD that I already own, but this time Trent has signed...Hey! It's for charity! Tax write offs are good!

Kevin did think of me and my loss and brought me home a hydrengea for our landscaping...it is so beautiful! It is the type of flower I carried in my bridal bouquet...one of my favorites!


  1. how bad do you want to hate me?
    bad? good.

    when I was in high school Trent taped me a copy of his Tom Waits CD.
    Just saying.
    I didn't save it because it warped, and back then he was just the older geek who sometimes worked at Music Land with his weirdo sister.

  2. It's not meant to be . . . but the flowers are beautiful! It looks ginormous!

  3. THANKS LORA...PUNK! haha. No, it's ok...you are only like the 40th person to tell me a similar story...one of my best friends in high school's older brother used to be his sound check guy...my other friend met him at cedar point back in the 90's (I met bo jackson-great,) and yet another friend waited on him at the TGI Fridays in Sandusky...did I get a call from any of these so called friends call me? no ...oh well. I will meet him some day...I just know it...I will look like crap, probably in pajama pants with bad hair...but it will be all good.

  4. that's a bummer. but at least you tried. and what gorgeous flowers! love them!

  5. boo hoo...at least you got pretty flowers out of the deal.