Thursday, June 18, 2009

NIN Part 1

So, I am going to expose you all to the wonderful music of Nine Inch Nails, and the genious that is Trent Reznor. I have so many favorite songs by them (him), that I have to catagorize them by the mood the song creates in me, or if they are fast, slow, new, get the point.


Staring at the sea
Will she come?
Is there hope for me
After all is said and done
Anything at any price
All of this for you
All the spoils of a wasted life
All of this for you

All the world has closed her eyes
Tired faith all worn and thin
For all we could have done
And all that could have been

Ocean pulls me close
And whispers in my ear
The destiny Ive chose
All becoming clear
The currents have their say
The time is drawing near
Washes me away
Makes me disappear
I descend from grace
In arms of underflow
I will take my place
In the great below

I can still feel you
Even so far away

Such a great song. I see pictures in my head when I hear it. Swirling blues and greens. Ice, jagged ice. I cried when it was performed live at one of the concerts I went to. One simple line "and all that could have been" says so much to me.


  1. Never really dove into NIN other than the songs like "Head like a Hole" that got tons of radio play. This gives me an excuse to check it out.

  2. I also forgot to mention that the lyrics to that song are beautiful. Does Trent usually write his own stuff?

  3. Trent does pretty much all of it himself. The last couple records have been the first time he has really collaborated with anyone other than robin fink or danny lohner. Hence why it used to take 7 years for him to pop an album out, that and his perfectionist personality. He is an amazing lyricist as well as pianist. He is classically trained. He taught himself to play guitar as well. He's an amazingly talented guy...which is why I am so sad about him being done with NIN.