Monday, June 8, 2009

My life revisited

This past weekend was one reunion after another, and it was wonderful.
I had only planned on meeting up with a couple of my good friends from high school on friday, but my entire weekend turned into a reunion for 3 different, yet overlapping, times in my life.
Friday I hung out with 3 of my good friends from high school. We sat at the local bar, drank long island iced teas, did a couple shots, and remembered all the good times we had together. It was fantastic. Kevin hung in like a trooper...he has a tooth pulled and was in a lot of pain, but still managed to keep up with the conversation through his haze of vicodin...probably because we were talking through a haze of long islands. I get to see these friends about once every year if I am lucky. But the one just moved back up to Columbus, so it will be much more frequent than it has in the last 10 years. She is going to introduce me to the world of martinis and I am excited and scared...I hear they taste like pine trees...I don't like to eat pine trees.
Saturday I had no plans. I cleaned the house, went for a crappy run, and then lounged and watched movies all day. My phone started ringing at 1030pm. It was one of my very good guy friends from college! I was soooo excited. I had not seen him since he graduated. He was in Port Clinton, only 20 min from me and heading to a bar I always talked about. Of course I had to drag my husband out...he was ready for bed. Kevin was quiet on the ride over, so I finally asked him what was wrong. His response..."have you ever slept with wes?" I laugh. No, I had never slept with wes. He did see my boobs on the radio show I did, but that was it. He was a close friend and I could never see him that way. We get to the bar, its all guys. He was there with his masonic lodge brothers. Too funny. We still had a blast. He is a bastard and just sold his insurance company if 5 the age of 27...bastard. No, really I am happy for him. He has the best luck and when he finishes law school, I will have a great lawyer on my side. Kevin wasn't too pleased when I yelled "A great personality and a big cock" as a response to how he landed such a smokin hot wife...I got grilled on the way home about how I knew what size his johnson was....which I have no clue...I just know how most women work. The comment was worth it.
Sunday, yes, its not over, I headed to wooster to see some old friends. I was really close with Chuck, Michelle, and Andy growing up. Michelle and Chuck had a baby and I had yet to meet him, so I figured it was time. I love him. He is adorable, happy, smily, and gassy....all things babies should be. I was initially bummed when I got there because Chuck thought that Andy was gone on vacation, but he called down to his house anyways and he was home! Chuck told him he needed help with something and to come down asap. Andy was more than suprised when he saw me, gave me the biggest hug ever...made me feel all warm and fuzzy is confirmed, my crush is still there...too funny. Only now it is more appropriate than it was in the past. It was great catching up with all of them. I can't wait to go down again and scrapbook with Michelle and have some cookouts.
It made me realize how many people have truly touched my life, and how I don't want to wait years between now and when I see them again.


  1. Maybe you should have been sleeping with Wes--cool guy with millions, doesn't sound bad. Ha! Just kidding....I'm sure your husband is
    great and your marriage quite fulfilling. :)

    Anyway, it's great they you are able to keep in touch with all these people from your past. I wish I was better at that sometimes....

  2. My mom won't drink gin because she says it smells and tastes like Xmas tree water! Not the good stuff , though. I love Boodles and Bombay Sapphire and Amsterdam.

    I love weekends like the one you just wrote about

  3. My husband is convinced that Wes is secretly in love with me...he doesn't understand anyone who flirts just to flirt...and a Wes and I are BIG flirts together...too funny! But yeah, my hubby is great...but a trip to St. Martin's anytime I want sounds great too...HMMMM how to make this work, just kidding!

  4. sounds like a perfect weekend!

    i wish i were better at staying in touch with old friends. i suck at it.