Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Weekend update

I know it's been a while since I posted, but I have been slammed at work. By slammed I mean, unable to take bathroom breaks because my phone won't stop ringing, orders won't stop coming, and job responsibilities won't stop being piled on me.
One of our best workers left last week. She moved on to another career in the legal field. I am excited for her, but miss her sorely! Basically, I have been handed a majority of her work load...on top of everything else I do. I feel like I am drowning daily. Today, I said, "screw it, Im taking my lunch-plus some from the rest of last week that I missed." I already feel better.
I also feel better because the vice-president came down and talked with me this morning to go over one of my new job responsibilities. She basically told me that I was being handed them because management knew that I would do the job just as well as Jackie did, if not better. She then complimented me on what a good worker I was and let me know how much she appreciated me, because I made her job easier. Wow. That's a compliment. I totally look up to her. She is here nightly til nearly 8pm and is here before anyone else. She lobbies frequently in washington and is president of a lot of different nationally based health care groups. She is a strong woman who is good at her job, but makes sure to let those around her know when they are doing well. I appreciate this compliment more than any yearly eval where my boss tells me I am doing great. It just means more coming from the VP's mouth. Not because of her job title, but because I respect her so much.
Saturday was my nephew, Turner's, birthday party. He turns 2 today! Happy birthday Turner! He is getting so big and before we know it, he will be at that stage where he doesn't want to be around family. I can clearly say that his favorite toy was the GIANT tonka dump truck. My momo did good. Tanner and Jen didn't look as thrilled at Turner did. It was hilarious watching him chase Jerry through the house and smash into the couches (ie: peoples legs.) He seemed much more interested in his presents this year as well (until the tonka was opened, that is.) His mommy also did a great job of cooking a delicious dinner. I have made the salad she made 2 times since the party. I am in love with it!
Sunday, I cleaned the house, went grocery shopping, and made a kickass dinner. Im talking, pulled out all the stops. Placemats and wine glasses and the good silverwear and everything! We invited 2 of Kevin's guy friend over that don't have girlfriends and never get a good home cooked meal (and cheesy-mac doesn't count.) I made a roasted chicken that was stuffed with onion and garlic, sour cream mashed potatoes, steamed green beans, a magnificent salad, homemade buttermilk cheddar biscuits, and a homemade apple tart that was to die for! I had no food left at the end of the night, aside from some apple tart. There were 15 biscuits and all of them were gone. The boys could not get enough of them. The 2 guests had 3 helpings of the tart as well and I ended up sending them home with some for their breakfasts. They were so appreciative and you could tell they really enjoyed the dinner, just as I did. I love cooking for friends, but I don't get enough time to do it. I wish I had taken a picture of the table loaded down and beautifully decorated. Next time.


  1. omg...your dinner sounds wonderful!!! please come cook for me :) homemade biscuits...YUMMEEE. it was really nice of you to cook for your friends. i need to find some friends like that. lol.

    it's awesome that they recognize what a hard worker you are, and that they can depend on you!

  2. Congrats on being recognized for your hard work.

    Happy birthday Turner!