Monday, October 12, 2009

Back home...

Well, I am all set up in my new office in Sandusky. It is so nice to be back. Soooo nice. I love how all the smiling faces walk by and welcome me back and tell me how happy they are to have my smiling face here. I love that my boss was here in the morning for a meeting, stopped by to complain about me not being there, and left. I love the quiet. I love the fact that I have already been able to get caught up because Im not being interupted by patient's walking into my office in the "employee only area." I loved my 10 min. drive. I love the fact that I can go home for lunch if I choose to. There are just so many things that make me happy about this move. I get to stay with the company that I like but be closer to home.
I guess my co-workers in Lorain aren't so happy, but I figure that they will eventually get over this. Becky called me at 10am saying that she misses me. I miss her too, but she is pretty much the only one. As sad as that sounds. The people in Sandusky are just so much nicer. So much happier. So much more positive than those in Lorain. And let me tell you, the negativity in Lorain was really getting to me. I was becoming an unhappy person, and anyone that knows me knows that that is not true.
I like that I can go to doctor's appointments on my lunch. I like that I can get together with my girlfriend that works down the road for lunch. I like that Kevin can suprise me with lunch now like he did when I was at the hospital.
I especially like that I can make it home by 5:20...and that's WITH traffic. With traffic from Lorain, 6:30...big difference there. HUGE.
Ah, it is good to be back home.


  1. You are making me hate my 50 minute commute more and more with these posts.

    But seriously, I'm glad you are close to home and that you are already having a good day. That's awesome!

  2. Despite my total envy of your easy commute, I am happy for you!