Monday, October 19, 2009

Tickle monster!
April loved the fur coat my aunt gave me. She was running around pretending to be a bear.
Attacking Uncle Pumpkin head

Emma loves bully...she wants a bully puppy...

Emma and April, Kevin and I's nieces, came and spent Sunday afternoon with us. We had a great time with them and I already miss them!
We started out by going to get pumpkins...of course, they pick the largest ones that they could find...except for my short, squat, round one. We went to the farm market that Kevin and I shop at to get them. The owner, Todd, absolutely loved the girls. He and his wife can't have children either, and they spoil the crap out of their niece and nephew as well. He gave them free old-timey candy and apples. He talked to them for a long time about how cool they are that they get to grow up on a dairy farm. They didn't find the same enthusiasm that Todd did, but one day they will realize how special they are....the fact that they probably work harder than most adults do and they are 7 and 8 years old, that they have seen a calf being birthed, that they know where milk really comes from, and that they get to do cool things that city kids just don't get to do. They appreciated the apples and the wax bottles filled with sugary-sweet goodness. Kevin earned his new nick-name at the pumpkin patch, Unlce Pumkin-head. He was cutting firewood, so we put his pumpkin in the front seat of the car with me so that he could be a part of the fun.
After picking out pumpkins I took the girls to lunch and then to go see "Where The Wild Things Are." It was a cute movie, but definitly more for adults than children. There were a lot of underlying themes. It was kind of sad too, but still very good. It was sad enough to make both girls start crying and by the end of the movie, they were both cuddled up on my lap, clinging to me for dear life. They seemed to really like the movie and talked non-stop about it all the way home.
When we got home, Kevin was back from cutting and he played around with the girls. They love to wrestle and lots of screaming, giggling, running, jumping, and more laughing ensued. It is funny, because April, the younger one, is just like Kevin. Adventerous, dare-devil, smart-mouthed, cuddly, and bull-headed. While Emma, is just like her mom. Calm, mature, loving, caring, more cautious, and the care-taker. It's like watching Kevin and Erinn all over again. It's quite funny. Kevin was pleased when I pointed out the similarities and we both agreed that April would be the trouble maker, handful when she got older. She will definitly test her parent's nerves.
We had a blast with them, but man do they wear you out! They go non-stop all day! Play, jump, piggy-back-ride, tickle, giggle, cuddle, hug, "swing-me!," hop, tackle, laugh, pony ride, cat chase, dog cuddle, "paint my nails," twirl, squeal. All day, non-stop. I miss them already.


  1. love the pics :) sounds like a lot of are an awesome aunt!!

  2. Your nieces sound like some seriously energetic little girls! It's great that you got to spend so much time with them this weekend. The thought of milking cows and cows giving birth is almost enough to make me go back to my vegetarian roots. Almost.