Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Anniversary night!

Yesterday ended up being a pretty great day. Work was calm and I got a lot done. Around 2pm, I was told the girls downstairs needed me. I walk downstairs and find a bouquet of roses from Kevin. All the girls were jealous and that made my day. It is only the 3rd time Kevin has ever gotten me flowers. In the spring he will pick me a couple tulips out of my tulip garden, but for him to go out and buy me flowers...that's a big deal. They are gracing my office and look stunning. Women walk by all day, swoop in, and take a wiff of their delicious smell. It makes me feel special.
I get home from work, get cleaned up, and Kevin takes us to dinner at Damon's. Thank God they have an ATM because Kevin forgot his wallet. This is true Kevin fashion-he doesn't do it on purpose, he just always assumes it is in his truck, when in reality it is in the back pocket of his work pants on the mudroom floor. This happened 5 years ago, before I had an ATM card and I got stuck sitting at the same restaurant, on a busy Friday night, for an hour by myself reading the newspaper and sipping coffee while he ran back to our home to get his hour, by myself, on a busy Friday night. I got multiple offers of people to take me home. Majorly embarrassing, but its a funny story we can tell now. The one waiter still remembers it. He was our waiter last night. He laughed. Our dinner was wonderful though. We both splurged on steaks and they were delicious. I love their salads and kevin loves their rolls. We love just sitting in the booth, looking out over the water, watching the sunset. The Damon's in Sandusky is right on the water, at Battery Park Marina, looking over the Sandusky Bay and Cedar Point. It is actually very pretty.
We sat and talked in the booth for a long time and reminisced about our wedding day and how much fun we had. We told stories about getting ready-he definitly had more fun shooting pumkins and drinking with the boys. We laughed about the dog running to my grandparent's house because he was afraid of the loud noises made by the guns. We laughed about his sister running off to go do shots of blackberry brandy with the boys and how the photographer was becoming distraut because she kept taking off. His sister is hilarious. We talked about the night of our wedding. How we had attempted to make love, but fell asleep instead. He crawled up on me, I gave him the look that said "really?" and he laughed and agreed and rolled over and fell asleep instead. We were both completely fine with that. It had been a long day, we were both drunk, and more than ready for nighty-night. We wished we were back in Cape Cod on our honeymoon. We talked about our favorite places there, Fairway Pizza, The Purple Feather, the beaches. The gay bar that we walked into in Provincetown and Kevin didn't realize it was a gay bar...even with the Macho Night poster on the door. It was an awesome bar though. I just happened to be the only girl there...and had to use the boys bathroom.
All in all, it was a wonderful evening. We capped off our dinner with cuddling on the couch with our pup. In my opinion, it was the perfect evening. Kevin did well.


  1. I'm happy that you both had a nice night :)

  2. Sounds like you guys have had an amazing history together...Here's to many more wonderful years!

  3. Sounds like a really nice anniversary.

    Kevin is finally getting it . . . good job!

    I love the smell of roses. I want to sit in your office and close the door and be surrounded with the fragrance of fresh flowers. Lovely!

  4. Sounds wonderful! Happy Anniversary!