Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Good news

Had my lovely dr.'s appointment with my favorite boy-friend that is allowed to be all up in my vagina. It went suprisingly well. I had a dream last night that everything turned out great and I think it carried into my real life. I went in and had a perfect blood pressue, pulse, and resp. basically I was calm for once, even though I knew painful things were about to happen.
The doc comes in, we joke around for a while about his rounds at the health center and the bad dreams he has after a day spent there (yuck-the stories are gross!) and then get down to business. He puts the scope in and the solution to "light up" the bad areas. He starts doing a lot of the "hmmm, hm, huh, hmm." Im all like, "What's going on in there?" Basically, the only bad area that lit up was a very small spot in the corner of the vaginal cuff (aka, where my cervix used to be.) He said it was too small to really biopsy and that it didn't appear to be dangerous in appearance. He was able to just place some acid on it (which kinda made me hot and nauseaus) and call it good. He was pleasantly suprised that it was such a small area. Very pleased.
So, I am back to my 6 month pap regimen and the doc is pretty sure I shouldnt have any problems for a while...hopefully! I was estatic with this news. I was so excited I gave him a hug...and then my drape fell and I was standing there in a scrub top, socks, and that's it hugging my doc...awwwwwkward! He laughed though and told me he was happy that it turned out to be nothing.


  1. You crack em up!! I'm so glad that "all" is well :)

  2. (((HUGS))) with my pants on.

    I am so glad for you! It's too much for a youngen like you.

  3. Great news Haley!

    Still laughing about the waist-down nakedness. . . oops!

  4. hahaha. you crack me up.

    glad everything is good :)

  5. Happy that everything went well!

  6. Happy to hear the good news!