Thursday, October 8, 2009

Check this out...

Check out this clip from Oprah's website...
I don't know if you follow NieNie or not, but I love reading her blog. She gives me hope and makes me realize that sometimes my problems aren't as big as they could be. I always leave her blog feeling thankful.


  1. I was home all day yesterday and forgot to watch it! Before moving back to Utah after her accident she used to live the next town over from us and she was almost a blogging legend here. She has made me look at so many things from a different perspective?

  2. i love NieNie... came across that same link earlier today... it made me cry.

    My heart goes out to her, and you're right - she makes me thankful. What are our little problems compared with hers? She's such a beautiful woman.

    Hey - early happy anniversary!! :D xx