Monday, August 10, 2009

This weekend was nuts! Nuts I tell you! Saturday started out with my mother acting all crazy, running into my house telling me my grandpa was on his deathbed and that my cousin's little girl was non-responsive. Instant tears as I called my dad to get the low-down.
Turns out, they put my grandpa on a vent so that he could rest because he couldn't calm down enough to sleep. 7 days of no rest does nothing to help you get better and everything to make the situation worse. I then call my cousin, Marcy. Turns out her one year old daughter, Hannah, had a high fever and began seizing. They life flighted her to Toledo Children's hospital and put her, too, on a vent. This was done because she was so panicy that they were not able to treat her properly. By the time I got ahold of my cousin she had been removed from the vent but was still heavily sedated, but had woken up enough to say "Momma" to Marcy. Praise baby Jesus. Turns out the combination of the high fever and an electrolyte imbalance caused by her diarrhea caused the seizure. She is better now and should go home today.
Needless to say my Mom gave me a heartattack.
After talking with my family, Kevin and I decided to still have our cookout/shooting party. We had friends over to shoot clays and targets and us girls got to sit around and chit chat about our upcoming girls night. It was hilarious watching my friend Jackie shoot...she never has before. She came running back up to the deck screaming, "I shot a gun, I shot a gun!" She swore she never would. She was pretty excited about it, but admitted afterwards that it scared the bejeezus out of her.
When the drinks came out, the guns got put away and we had a nice bonfire. It was a nice evening all in all, except for the insane heat that took over the house in the morning. I took 4, yes 4, showers much for conserving water. I hate feeling nasty, sweaty, sticky. Its so gross. It was definitly a naked day. At 6 o'clock, Kevin and I finally broke down and turned on the AC to our bedroom, grabbed books and went upstairs to read in the coolness...with all of our animals. We looked like an elderly married couple, all propped up on pillows reading. Too funny. I wanted to stay up to watch the Joan Rivers roast, but passed out at 9:30.
I woke up at 4am this morning...I got some snuggle time with my dog, a couple extra cups of coffee, and an episode of the twilight zone in before work. Mornings like that are nice.


  1. Talk about a rollercoaster ride of a weekend. I'm so glad everyone is doing fine. I envy your relaxing morning!

  2. Glad you didn't have cardiac arrest after your Mom's visit. The fam SO doesn't need that right now. =) AND, I watched the Joan Rivers roast. It was pretty good. Kathy Griffin did an excellent job hosting. I used to think she was overrated, but last night I became a fan. Before we had A/C installed we used to go to stores and walk around to get out of our inferno of a house. We were white-trashy like that.

  3. Wow, that was quite a weekend. I'm glad everyone is OK and that you were able to go forward with the cookout.

    I have never shot a gun before, but I did have a bullet lodged in my knee once....

  4. Mara, I need to hear said story about knee+bullet. Jen, I love, love, love Kathy Griffin...Im a tranny like that!

  5. Multiple showers in one day are awesome. It's like hitting the Refresh button on your computer. Total do-over.
    Glad to hear things are looking up!