Thursday, August 27, 2009

Saturday ribkicks

Saturday was a pretty rough day for me.
First off, it was supposed to be a great day.
I was supposed to hang out with my friend Tiffany, go see The Time Travelers Wife, go eat some good food and have great conversation.
Kevin was going to Bowling Green for the national tractor pulls...yes my husband is a hillbilly.
My day started going to shit early.
Tiff called at 1 to let me know she was bailing on me...for the 90th time. To go to a demo derby with her husband. which she does weekly. and i haven't seen her since march...yes march. I lost it. I let her know I was pissed...she refused to text me back or answer my phone call after I told her I was upset and I was sick of her bailing at the last minute and I felt unimportant to her.

So I go uptown and develop pics from my trip to GA to see Joe. These make me happy. I stop by my mom's to share my happiness...this is where the day really goes to shit.
Basically I was cornered about rumors about my husband started by my youngest brother, who just happens to be a compulsive liar all of a sudden who hates my husband. So I was brow beat by my step dad and mom for a good hour and they basically told me that they hate my husband, and they think he is shitty and shady. It is a long story, but basically my little bro had told them that Kevin stole landscaping stone from my grandpa and sold it to a friend for extra cash, when the landscaping stone we "stole" I had asked for a week prior to fill in thin spots in our existing landscaping. We are allowed all the stone we would like for our landscaping, per my grandpa.
So basically, they wouldn't take my word for it and I was being told to choose either my family or my husband. Oh, but they love me and never want to hurt me...even though I had been sitting there crying for over an hour, but I shouldn't be so emotional...even though I was in the process of losing a best friend, my grandfather was back in the ICU, and I was just told that I married a horrible person. Im just emotional apparently.
So saturday sucked. I cried uncontrollably for about 6 hours and wanted nothing more than to call my friend and cry to her, but she was mad at me...or call Joe and cry to him, but he was not reachable. So I cried to my dog, who cuddled on the couch with me and attempted to lick the tears off my face.
Sunday, I laid the smack down. I made Kevin go over and settle things with my family.It sucks hearing it from every end...from my brother, my mother, and my husband. I let them know I was done and that if it continued, I would just disappear. Kevin talked things over with my parents and things are better. He and jake still have it out for each other though, and that is frustrating.
If this saturday is anything like the last one, I am crawling my ass into the whiskey bottle in my freezer and not coming out til monday.

on a positive note, My little brother Joe was selected this morning for the Special Forces...I am sooooooo proud!


  1. What your family did to you was totally unfair--I'm so sorry. I'm glad you made everyone get together and talk face-to-face, even if it didn't fix everything.

    I had to let the person I considered my "best friend" go because of similar behavior. I am simply not willing to put-up with BS from friends--life is too short.

    That's great news about Joe!

  2. Nobody should have to choose between the ones they love.
    The 'rents' have a bad habit of calling your bro and filling him in on all of the drama. Tanner cringes anymore when the phone rings and it's one of them. Isn't that sad?
    I know it's drastic, but have you considered moving a little further away?
    We're probably going to visit Grandpa on Saturday; wanna tag along?
    Joe is going to be home soon, how exciting! I can't wait to see him.

  3. I think it's great that your hubby went to settle things with your family. It's totally unfair that they treated you that way. You shouldn't have to choose between anyone! I'm sorry to hear your Saturday was so horrible!

    I'm on the road to letting one of my good girlfriends go...for the same type of shit. They aren't a true friend when they treat you that way.

    Yay for Joe!

  4. you are really up to your neck, aren't you. Jesus.

    I'm so sorry about every single thing you posted about in the past two days. It all effing sucks.

  5. Rough. I'm glad Kevin talked things out with your parents...parents/in-laws can be such pieces of work and need a good talking to.

    Yay about Joe!

  6. Hey I work with Jen at Smuckers and started reading your blog through her blog. For starters you crack me up and I love how open and raw you are. Its great. Anyway, I have a whole ocean of issues with my mom and step dad (if you wanna call him that) Basically its my moms 4th husband that she has known a whole 2 1/2 yrs and been married to for 2 yrs. Anyway, my mom and I used to be really close until I realized that anything I told her out of hurt just came back to bite me in the ass later. Now I have realized that I have to keep our relationship at arms length. Its nice to know that there's other families out there with issues too. Sooo more than you wanted to know I'm sure. But love reading your blog.

  7. I am so, so sorry. I'm sorry your Saturday was ruined and I'm sorry HOW it was ruined. I think you need a stiff drink NOW! I love how you just write like (I imagine) you talk. I can't do that. Too inhibited ;-)

    One of the hardest things about growing up (and I'm not being condescending because I'm old enough to be your mom - growing up is a looooong process that some never reach) is learning to not take crap. That friend is no friend. You'll make more. A good acquaintance is better than a lousy friend.

    OK and is this the same little brother that is crappy to you and your husband that you are proud of??