Monday, August 10, 2009

Free Entertainment!

My friend, Carrie, just text me and asked me to go to the local gay bar with her Friday night. YES!
A.) it's free!
B.) I love me some large men dressed as women...especially when they come out of the back in all stages of undress.
C.) I get drinks bought for me all night at this bar
D.) I get to dance and don't have to worry about guys all gettin up on my ass.
E.) Gay men love my boobs.
Its a win-win situation for me. And I am plain excited!
Last time I got dragged on stage (no pun intended.) and my face rubbed in a man's chest...and his boobs were somehow miraculously larger than mine...Im still trying to figure that out...


  1. Love me some gay bars.... no better place to cut loose as a girl :)

  2. I love drag queens! D.C. in the late 90s was home to some of the most fabulous queens ever. I'm talking 6-foot-tall men in six-inch stilettos, with blue eyeshadow and fruit baskets on their heads.