Monday, August 24, 2009

A few of my favorite things...

Lora over at Fever loves to post pics of her fav things...Im stealing the idea...

This is a picture of my Momo and Papa on their wedding day...there was a blizzard and only 3-4 people were able to make it. My brother Tanner looks just like my Papa.

This light came from a garage sale at a local contractors house. My mom got it for me. It will go perfectly in the landing of my staircase.

These were originally going to be my bridal bouquet, then I put them in this vase to hold them and I couldn't remove them because I loved how they looked. It all worked out because I ended up reworking my flowers for my wedding and went with peonys instead...great choice

This little guy resides in my kitchen. He is only 2 1/2" tall...When we lived in town we had a squirrel in our backyard that we named Kyle...this in my reminder of kyle...

I love old copper tea kettles...I have about 8 in my kitchen so far...


  1. of course I love this post! More like it please!

  2. I love Kyle! That is hilarious. I love these posts, I'm going to have to do one soon. You have so many cool and unique things. Thanks for sharing!

  3. awesome pics. i love the flowers!

    i'm gonna copy this type of thing, hope you don't mind :) but i gotta dig my camera outta the dust at home.