Thursday, August 13, 2009

Making my front porch "swanky"

Ive been working on re-vamping some old chairs for my front porch. Since I don't have the money to drop on new chairs for it, I decided to redo a couple chairs that I have had for a while now.
This is one that I got for $1 at the Erlin Trader in Clyde down in the basement. It just needed a new seat cut out for it, sanded, and painted. I used left over paint that I had from painting the ceiling of my front porch, got a yard of badass canvas at the local fabric store, a piece of foam, and had it ready to go within 1 week. The longest part was actually just waiting for Kevin to cut the piece of wood I needed for the seat. I think it turned out pretty spiffy! Actually, I love it!

This was the rocking chair that my mom used for all of us kids. It is about 30 years old and strudy as hell. It was in pretty rough shape, but a little bit of sanding, and a couple cans of outdoor spray paint did the job. I had this one done in 2 hours, start to finish. Mom had originally offered the chair to Jen, and I was secretly excited when she said she didn't want it. It sat in the game room for 2 years before Mom finally gave it to me! I plan on making a little pillow that matches the fabric from the above chair.

Ive had this chair since I was 16. I bought it at a garage sale for like .50 cents. Awesome. I love the shape of it. The cane seat has since been ruined...thanks to my fat ass friend thinking it would hold his 300lbs of weight...Im suprised it didn't crumble. I am going to paint it the same '57 chevy green as the other chair and have Kevin cut me a new seat and upholster it. I love cheap, easy projects. Wish the rest of my house would come along as smoothly...


  1. I love old chairs! I wish I had room for them in my house or a porch to put them on. The rocker looks awesome! Total transformation.

  2. Almost forgot, love the new layout. Pretty!

  3. Your porch must be the swankiest around! I really like the bottom chair; can't wait to see how you fix it up.

    Like your new blog look!

  4. Oh I love those chairs! Taking what's old and making it new is my favorite thing.
    Plus, this new blog layout is darling.

  5. i love when people restore old furniture...i really wish i was creative enough to do that kind of stuff. i'd have stuff like that all over my house. really nice!