Friday, July 31, 2009


Im trying to figure out what I want to do this weekend. Kevin is going to our friend, Kyle's, house to help him work on his front porch. Of course this involves going up the night before for pre-game...aka, drinking and playing video games. That leaves me the house to myself friday night and most of saturday.
My friend, Carrie, invited me over friday night, but Im not sure Im feeling it. She has 3 kids...only 2 will be home, but her one son, 11, is going through that awkward age where he has to be up your ass the whole time and hits your arm when he wants you to pay attention to him. Im not down with that and its not my place to reprimand the kid...I can only take so many arm punches, man. I was thinking of staying home and finishing the wedding invitations I am working on. I was thinking of listening to every NIN cd, from halo one to completion while doing so. It will probably take that long. I was thinking of finishing the bottle of wine that Carrie left on Wed from Wed Spag nite...but I want my invitations to be centered and even. Maybe if I drink it s l o w l y.
Saturday I was planning on driving up to Lakewood, after the bridal shower where I hope to deliver the invitations, to suprise the guys and make them dinner. I have a magnificent roast thawing in my fridge and it is HUGE. Plus, guys like meat right? And what is better after a long night of drinking and an afternoon of paint and nails and saws and lumber than a wonderful homecooked, like grandma makes, dinner? I can think of nothing better, except maybe a high class strip joint. Cleveland has plenty of those. But I don't want to go back til after my 90 days of P90X. So I look hot again.
I made Kevin do the workout with me last night. He kept giving me these looks like "it's almost over, right?!" I just smiled. I love how cleansing sweat feels when its being produced, but hate the stickiness of it after 15 mins of cooling down. My skin always looks better when I workout. Flushes the system...I even get less pimples.
I need to clean the house. We are having a party next weekend and I have to make sure that there are ample areas for people to pass out in. Right now my spare bedroom is covered in wedding invitation stuff. My "office" is covered with shit that didn't sell at my mom's garage sale. My floors are covered with a layer of dog and cat hair. It has only been one day since the last sweeping/vaccuum. I can't miss a day or my house is overcome with hair. Is it considered animal cruelty to shave all your animals? Im getting ready to do that. Just leave tufts of hair on their heads, paws, and tails...or in nubby's case, her nub.
I love not having plans on weekends...the possibilities seem limitless, but there is no pressure to do a bunch of shit. I love it.


  1. I know all about the pet hair. I have wood floors and clumps of cat hair float by like tumble weeds.

    Have a good weekend!

  2. I love weekends to myself too, although I feel like I do need to do something to take "advantage" of the time I have to myself. Just don't finish the bottle of wine and then shave the animals. That could get messy.