Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Take me to dreamland

I had the most fantastic dream last night. It was my perfect world with my favorite people in it. That is all the Im saying about it because someone told me once, when I was little, that if I told someone my dream, then it wouldn't come true. I make sure to tell at least one person about my bad dreams to prevent this and keep the good ones closed up in my head. I have very vivid dreams and I almost always remember them...for a long time. Is that weird? Its so normal to me that I don't think it is. When I was little, like elementary little, I would dream about what would happen the next day. I always knew what my teachers were going to wear and I would have deja vu about 50 times a day. I once told my great grandma this and she told me that she did the same thing...and she was a preacher's wife-so not into all the junk. Is that weird that I used to be able to do that? I wish I still did. Sometimes. But seriously, it would rock if this dream, even a tiny smidge of it, came true...My heart beats faster just thinking about it...sigh.
Do you ever think about your ex's? There is one that I can't ever really let go of, no matter if Im happy with my life, unhappy with my life, etc. I haven't talked to him in over a year now, but I still think about him. Still get a little short of breath when I think about him. They say your first love is more addictive than coccaine...I believe it's true. Man, humans are messed up.


  1. I think about every person who has ever entered my life, no matter how insignificant our dealings were or how long it's been since I've seen them. It's a curse.

  2. Yes, I think about my exes. I think we all do sometimes. Love is love. Forever. It doesn't matter how ugly things were/are/would be and it doesn't matter how much time has passed. So powerful/controlling isn't it? A smell, a song, a place; his eyes, his hands, his laugh; it can all swallow you up and take you back in time like it was yesterday. To me, it's wonderful but torturing at the same time.

  3. I honestly hardly ever think about my exes. Occastionally I'll see something that will remind me of my past - but I try really hard not to remember it. Because I'm way happier in my life now then I ever was back then and thinking about that stuff just brings me down.

    I really wish I could remember dreams like that! I hardly ever do, and when I do, they are muddled and weird and make no sense.

  4. I remember most of my dreams, and used to dream about tomorrow too, but now not so much. Which is probably good because my dreams are FUCKED.

    I dreamed the death of a teacher once, and he died two days later. That was the weirdest. Or I have these recurring places in my dreams, and then find them in my life when I travel. LOVE that.

    And like Mara, I think of everyone. I don't really have ex-boyfriends (it's not that I keep them all around!) but I think of old friends and mourn days gone by all the time.