Friday, July 24, 2009

More awake but bummed.

I got to bed at 10:19 last night! Go me! I feel much more refreshed this am!

Im super bummed though. The very last Nails shows are in New York, Chicago, and LA. The remaining tickets go onsale at 5pm tonight on card purchases only. The tickets are only $55.00-totally affordable. Called kevin to get our credit card info...he has it maxed out because he's been using it for gas. Im a.) super pissed because we aren't supposed to be using it andb.) super pissed because this is the very last chance I have to see my favorite band in the world. I am heartbroken and Kevin's pathetic "sorry" isn't helping. I want to punch him in the stomach right now and make him breathless like I feel. I know, Im probably over reacting, but damn it...I paid $300.00 for floor seats to Metallica in October for our anniversary. He needs to find someway to make this happen for me. I know he won't though and that just breaks my heart. Everything is always so close, but just out of reach.

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  1. I hope you can find a way to get those tickets!