Thursday, July 30, 2009

P90X is kicking my butt already. I did the cardioX dvd last night. Wow. It was super challenging but totally rewarding. I felt great after finishing, even though my form was crap, my kicks became poor excuses for leg raises, and my plyometric jumping through snow tires ended up looking like jumping through tricycle tires. I dry-heaved a couple times. My face was purple by the end, but I felt amazing. I can tell that this is going to work. I can tell that Im not going to get bored with it...I will probably never get to the "master" versions of each exercise, but I impressed myself and can't wait to do the next dvd. I am sore in places I didn't know existed, well-I know they exist, I have a degree in sports med...I just have never felt them the muscles in between my ribs, my subclavian (the muscle under my clavical,) my lower lats...I didn't think I HAD lower lats. Parts of my legs that have never been hit before. It is amazing and my body is already ass is hard as a rock today...and sore as hell. I must be into S&M because I love the pain. My journey has begun and I am determined to see it to completion...right into my favorite bikini!

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