Monday, July 6, 2009

Weekend Warriors!

What a great weekend. Having the extra day helped of course. Friday was my relaxing day. I did a whole lot of nothing, cleaned a wee bit, did some work on my invitation order, and talked to my little brother for about 2 hours.

Saturday, I got up early to do a 5k with my friend Beth...did a little better...slowly slimming my time down. 39.16 this time. Hey, much better than my original time, but not yet my goal number. It was great actually being cheered for as we sprinted for the finish line...I nearly puked because we started our kick a little early, but it felt great having people truly cheer for you. After a nap when I got home, Kevin and I headed for a 4th of July/Housewarming/Birthday party at our friends place in the Cleveland burbs. It was a blast! I got to meet one of my good friends new girlfriends...she met my approval. We crammed 4 bodies into a garden tub in the bathroom and talked for 2 hours...we couldn't move, but it was hilarious watching people walk by and try to figure out what the hell we were doing. A little flip cup, a little bonfire, and great company. No hangover to boot! All in all a successful night. I always have a great time with this group. I apparently also enjoy giving 220lb men piggyback rides.

This is the birthday cake that Melissa made for Colin. A representation of his 21st birthday back in college at Bowling Green...passed out from flip cup...nice. She made marshmallow was to die for!

Sunday was Kevin and I's recoup day. Lots of couch lounging and napping. This is why I love Sundays...there is no pressure to do anything. My most ambitious moment was when I took a shower....and I just stood under the water and let it run all over was wonderful. Then, back to my couch. So relaxing.

My house can be cleaned today when I get home from work.


  1. Congrats on finishing the 5K!!!!

    That is by far the most original b-day cake I have ever seen. Your friend is quite skilled at cake decorating!

  2. Great job on the 5K!! Sounds like a great weekend.

    I love recoup days of lounging and doing nothing.

  3. Congratulations on running the 5K!!

    It sounds like a wonderful weekend. Love the cake!

  4. that cake is redonkulous.

    sounds like an awesome time!