Monday, November 30, 2009

Back from vacation...well rested, but not ready to be back. Are we ever really ready?
Thanksgiving was nice. Kevin and I decided to just go to the Steinbauer' is the last time we were all getting together at the old farmhouse since we are putting it up for auction in the spring. It was emotional. But nice.
Friday, Kevin and I lounged around all day. It was perfect. No black friday madness for me. No thanks.
Saturday I helped some of the aunts go through Grandma and Grandpa's house...we cleaned for 4 hours. We got the entire upstairs done...which was a feet. There were four bedrooms filled with junk, treasures, misplaced paperwork, and tons of other things. We got rid of a lot of trash and I came home with an old fur hat that Grandpa used to wear to church every sunday, one of grandma's old flashy purses, a Mary statue, and old survey maps of the area where our family farm has Kevin and I's property on it, grandma and grandpa's, momo and papa's, and the original farm market. It's pretty cool and from 1956. I am going to have it framed. It was fun going through all the old things and watching my aunts laugh as they remembered times from the past. So many good times in that house. So many memories. It will be hard when it is longer in the family. The aunts were trying to convince me to buy it...they'd give us a good deal. We just can't do requires so much work-but it has beautiful curves ceilings and perfect plaster walls. But no, it would be too much for us. The highlight of the day was when we found a "sex book" or what a Catholic would call a sex book. It was about how to teach your children about sex...the catholic way-aka, you will go to hell if you have premarital sex and that you must confess your impure thoughts to the priest. It was definitly interesting to read. It was a fun but sobering day.
Saturday and sunday were nice relaxing days. Just a little bit of cleaning and bringing in wood for the week.
But I am sooo not happy to be back at work. Oh well, such is life.


  1. ugh...i'm not happy about coming back either. i could've used another day to sleep.

    glad you had a nice Thanksgiving! sounds like fun going through all the old memories.

  2. The trouble with telling your more salacious sins to a priest is that he'll ask you to come back.