Monday, November 9, 2009

How I look now...not huge, but not svelt...
Me in my more svelt days a couple years ago...hoping to look this good again soon!!!

Kevin and I started back at the gym this 5am. I had had enough yesterday of excuses and whinning and said we are starting tomorrow...either start with me, or quit complaining. So this morning, we were both sweating our butts off by 5:15.

I was pretty disappointed that it only took 10 min on the eliptical to make me feel like a fat slob. Winded, I stretched and moved on to my strong point-lifting. This is Kevin's weak point. He can run forever and hardly break a sweat-bastard. We lifted chest this morning. My favortie. We did 6 exercises plus 2 super sets. Kevin decided to throw in another exercise while I was doing abs (he refuses to do abs) and I told him he would pay for the extra one. He called me at 10am to tell me he could barely move. He never listens to me...hello! I have a degree in sports med.

Tomorrow will be either shoulders or back...depends on if we can lift our arms over our head or not.

I am excited to get back in shape. I am excited at all the energy I have today thanks to the morning workout. I know that this time, I am truly motivated and will make a change. I have my favorite picture of me posted on our bathroom mirror for added motivation. I want to be able to wear a certain dress to new years...I have it hanging front and center in my closet. I am cutting back the amount that I eat, but have already found that working out in the am and having a healthy bowl of cereal curbed my hunger for a lot longer than not working out and a coffe with 2 breakfast burritos from McD's. Im not going to cut out all the bad things...just limit them to treats. Focusing on eating more green vegetables and leaner meats. Im doing it the way I used to do it, back in the days of me weighing 145lbs. The correct way, instead of taking all the yummy treats out all together, just limiting them to treats so I appreciate them more.

I am curious to see how long my husband stays on the path. He usually gives it his all for 3 weeks than gives up. I caught him checking out his mini man-boobs though this morning...he didn't seem pleased. I really hope he sticks with it. Not only will it motivate me more, but we will eat healthier if he is involved in the process.


  1. husbands are killer on healthy eating!

    good luck, I know you will stick with it, even if he doesn't!

  2. I know that my eating habits have seriously gone downhill since Jack and I moved in together. He sees nothing wrong with eating chips before bed or apple cobbler for breakfast. Men!

  3. I know you're going to get to svelte again.

    As we approach baked good season I have vowed to eat better. Treats are great now and then, but not as a meal!

    I have my favorite pair of pants hanging in my closet. I haven't worn them since I don't know when. My plan is to run and lift until they are in active rotation again. I think I said that before...

  4. good can do it!

    love that dress, the second pic. CUTE.

    i would love to get into shape...and for hubs and i to work out together. but he's as lazy as i am.

  5. You can totally do it!! I have full faith in ya :)

  6. Hey I saw your "tiny head" on my follower list, thanks for joining! By the way what is svelte? Dont know what it is but I hope you get it, I'll be hanging around look for me