Friday, December 4, 2009

Maple Twists... remind me of my Papa so much. As a child, I spent the night with my Momo and Papa every other Friday, altrenating with my brother, Tanner. Fridays were spent with Momo, doing her grocery shopping and having a private dinner with her followed by TGIF and 20/20. Saturday morning, you got to eat breakfast with Papa when he came in from his morning routine while you watched Saturday morning cartoons. We always had Maple Twists and coffee...well my coffee was more milk than coffee...but there was coffee in there so I blame my grandparents for my current addiction with the delicious beverage. We would sit with our maple twist and dunk it into our coffee. We didn't have to talk. We just sat together and ate...usually with him in his chair and me on the floor using the stool/mini-table that he made in high school. After we ate, he went back outside to do more work...never one to sit for very long. The smell of maple twists brings back so many memories. I broke down on wednesday and bought some. I know I shouldn't, but I wanted them and I am glad that I got them. It's crazy how something so trivial can bring back so many happy times.
Papa has since moved on to cream sticks from the local bakery...since he has gotten dentures, he just can't taste food like he used too, but he sure can taste the sugary sweetness of a cream stick. It is his main food staple now, but he is in such good health, no one cares (except for my diabetic grandma who can't have them and is jealous.) He may have moved on to cream sticks, but I will be forever in love with maple twists...and my Papa.

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  1. What a nice memory. I have never had, or even heard of, a maple twist or a cream stick.