Monday, November 16, 2009

Im down 4lbs. It's a start and I am thrilled. I had to go to the Lorain store this morning and the first thing my boss said to me was "It looks like you've lost weight." Yes! So far my hard work has paid off and I am doing even more now. Working out twice a day on my days off from the restaurant and I went and invested in some protein bars, skim milk, chicken breasts, and tons of veggies. I need to change my lifestyle now before I become a 400lbs overweight person sporting a moo-moo with flowers. Not attractive. I have motivational things all over my house. My chalkboard that usually displays our dinner menu is now covered with my workout schedule for the week. My bathroom mirror is sporting my current weight on one side and my goal weight on the other-with a picture of me at my goal weight taped in the corner. My skinny jeans are on display in our bedroom and my favorite bra-that I haven't been able to wear for a long time-but can't get rid of, is placed on my dresser...begging to be worn. Im pumped, Im motivated, Im making changes!

Friday I went out with my girls for Beth's birhtday (23 years old-gag me please.) We went to a comedy club in Toledo and had sooooo much fun. The comedian (Chad Smith) tagged us at the table of hot girls-stating that we had every hot girl type available...The short one with short hair and super tiny (Beth) The short one with long hair and knockers that you could use as pillows (me) The country girl who isn't afraid to sport boots (Amanda) and the high maintenance girl (Misty.) We were used a lot during the show and he tried to get us to wait around afterwards to hang out with us. We had places to go though! We couldn't just wait around. It was great being involved in the show and we got some free drinks from him. Bonus! It was a great night. I love my girls.

I dropped Kevin off at the Turnpike last night. He is doing a truck route with a buddy for some extra cash. He will be gone til next monday and I think the break will do us good. Him not working has him up my ass all the time and I just can't handle that. Plus, sometimes its just nice to have the whole bed to yourself. Downside-I hate starting fires...Im not bad at it, I just hate it-and since that is how we heat our house, there is no way around it. Boo. He called me last night (8 hours after I dropped him off) to tell me that he already missed me. I miss him, but not that much yet. Im still in my, "yay! I get the house to myself" phase. He's in a small cab with a much fun can that be. I am jealous that they got to go through NYC last jealous. He said it was beautiful and finally agreed that we should go there for a long weekend. He's off to NC today and then Wisconsin then Michigan then Florida then home.


  1. Congrats on your loss! I finally had Shane do a new lifting routine for me and my body is feeling it. In a good way though!

    It is nice to have the house to yourself sometimes. You're in control of everything - radio, TV. And you have the better end of the deal - being in a cab with a trucker doesn't sound fun!

  2. Sounds like fun! The vision of a moo-moo with a garish floral pattern is enough to get anyone motivated to work out. Congrats on your new healthy lifestyle.

  3. yay...congrats on losing the lbs! you are so motivated, you're totally gonna meet your goal!

    i love having the house to myself...but i hate being alone at night. i'm cool all day when the hubby is gone...but something about being alone at night that i just don't like. but it is nice to have total control of the tv and recliner! lol . enjoy your alone time!!

  4. Congratulations on your weight loss!! Keep it up Haley you are doing great :) You'll get there for sure!

    Your comedy club night sounded FUN! I miss going out like that with the girls.....

    What a cool "trip" your husband is on.... that really would be neat. Road trip and he doesn't even have to drive!