Friday, November 13, 2009

Dangerous Territory

Im sitting here eating carrots. Steamed carrots and baked chicken. Thank God the chicken maintained it's flavor in the oven (Im a spicing genious.) My carrots are lacking. But they are good for me, so down the hatch they go.
My diet has improved tremendously. Probably because I am making an effort and actively watching what I am eating. I may start a food journal, but always found them too depressing.

I need to invest in some good protein bars and meal replacement bars. Special K actually makes a pretty tasty protein bar and they aren't too ridiculously expensive.

Kevin pooped out on me yesterday, already. He woke up with a headache...really?! C'mon! If I can't use that to get out of sex (I never would) he can't use it to get out of going to the gym. After asking him 3 times, I wasn't wasting my time anymore and took off without him. He later apologized and was ready to go this morning. But to rub it in his face just a little more, last night I did an extra set of abs on the livingroom floor followed by pushups before taking my nightly shower. Im determined, damn it.

I've been talking to my friend Kyle about lifting. He has gotten in tremendous shape over the past year and I was picking his brain for exercise ideas. He and I have been friends for a million years it seems-knowing each other since junior high and having the same after school job through high school. We are close, but sometimes, I think we push our limits on the friend issue. He is a flirt, I am a flirt. Sometimes that is ok. Other times it is not. He and I flirting is not ok...because sometimes I think we are a little more serious than we should be. It's dangerous, but oh so fun. He is in a serious relationship and he stood second in line at my wedding. I don't think either one of us would ever take things to that next level, but sometimes I wonder if it may happen eventually in a moment of weakness. It would be the worst scenario ever. I need to keep myself in check around him. Kevin already hates how close we are and how at parties Kyle and I talk all night. I don't think it's a jealousy thing because he trusts Kyle and I, but I think he knows that we are attracted to each other. Don't get me wrong, Im not the only culprit here, so don't go getting all on Team Kevin...Kevin does his fair share of flirting, which doesnt bother me at all-it makes me laugh actually. From our pictures at parties, you would think that we were all in different couples than what we actually are. That is how our entire group is. We get to the party and separate from our significant other for the evening-reuniting upon bedtime. Its what we do. New people to our group can never figure out who is married to who and it makes me laugh. The proof is in the pictures. Which are at the top of the page because my computer is stupid and won't let me move them.


  1. I have to admit I was wondering what you were posting when I saw your photos!

    I am sporadic at best with a food journal.

  2. Good luck with keeping Kevin motivated, I hope he just had one bad day and will continue to workout with you.

    Food journals. meh. I know they say it's good to do, but I'm not crazy about them because they are alot of work.

    Kevin is aware of you and Kyle, you are aware of Kevin's flirtiness. As long as nobody disappears for too long, no harm done! LOL!

  3. lol to what MJ said :)

    food journals? i tried that once. it lasted a week. i'm too lazy to keep it up. and THAT'S my big problem! lol.