Monday, May 4, 2009


This weekend was very productive, indeed! Friday was our chill-out day at home, after Kevin got off work. We went to my friend's restaurant, ate some yummy chicken parm and talked until Kevin looked like he was ready to pass out.
Saturday I woke up, went to the gym, went and bought flowers for my flowerboxes, went to a friends house for a pampered chef party, went to lunch after with my very good friend that just moved back up here from South Carolina, found a fantastic purple sequined 80's dress for my party, and made it home in the knick of time to clean my toilet before some friends came over for a cookout. My friend's 2 year old daughter managed to pick all the flowers off the newly planted plants in my flowerbox, which I wasn't too thrilled about, and had started attacking my beloved tulips before I finally caughter her and handed her off to her dad and threatened HIM that if any more flower's lost their lives, I would be taking his. (he is newly divorced and seems to think that I should watch his child, while cooking, so he can hang out with my husband....dude, I don't have kids for a reason!)
Kevin and I ended up passing out early (thanks to my lovely rum and cokes) and got up early sunday.
We finished another section of our landscaping more section to go. I am so excited to see it coming to compeltion. It truly makes our house look a million times better. My step dad came over and sprayed our yard for in 2 days, we should only have about 10% of our grass left since 90% of it is dandelions and crabgrass...time to reseed! I will be happy when we have a beautiful yard instead of a dandelion field! Although I thought them beautiful as a child, I find them horrific as an adult. How does that work?
Kevin went fishing after our yard work and I got time to relax on the couch and watch my favorite movie (Pride and Prejudice.) It was fantastic as always! Joe text me as well...I am so excited to see him! 3 more days!
Hoping my two days at work go by quickly!!!


  1. ugh the flowers!!!! i'd have flipped too! :(

  2. umm...rum and coke. love the new about me pic, btw. hope you have a fabulous trip visiting your bro! can't wait to see pics and get your next update!